Another one


I finished her on Thursday last week. 

I love that fluffy yarn I'm using for hair, but it's a nightmare to work with.  But no matter.  I also made those tiny nine-patch pieces on her dress, and then appliqued them to the brown fabric.  (The brown's another former pair of Alex's pants.)  It's hard to see in the picture, but she's got a little kind of lacy collar and a red button at the neckline on her right. 

I've still got a lot to learn about constructing dolls and making their clothes, but it's a fun process.

6 thoughts on “Another one

  1. If you sit still and actually do nothing for five minutes, do you freeze over?

    Just reading about you makes me exhausted! LOL

    Very sweet little girl. How tiny are the patchworks? did you give yourself eye-ache doing them? I can’t wait to see the faces you will give them.

  2. I’m with Lynne… do you ever stop? You probably fall asleep when you do huh?

    No faces on the dolls… they don’t need them. They look like a new age Amish doll this way.

  3. The little nine-patch pieces are about an inch and a half by an inch and a half, at the most. I didn’t measure anything, I just found a couple of fabrics I liked for this doll and cut strips and then cut those little strips into squares, made one nine-patch with five of the yellow and four of the red, made the other one the opposite (five red, four yellow), stitched them together and then appliqued them onto the brown. No eye-ache. And so far, no faces. I will probably leave them blank, like Amish dolls. Unless one REQUIRES a face of me. And I’m sure she’ll let me know. Heh heh. (Here’s where Jayne starts sounding a little…um…whacko.)

  4. Well, *I* require at least one face from you – I think one that looks totally amazed. The others can be as Amishy as they like.

  5. Aye-aye, Captain! 🙂 Okay. I’ll start thinking about an amazed doll for you. Wonder if I can make the hair stand on end, too….

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