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At the Window


The cats are watching seagulls circle above our house.  I'd finally tossed out the remaining cookies from Christmas – threw them onto the ice-encrusted snow in our back yard, and as I was doing so, a crow, high in a tree several houses down from ours, notified every large bird in a ten mile radius.

Soon the gulls arrived, circling above the house, then above the yard, and finally, a few at a time, dropping down to grab pieces of lebkuchen (I made waaaaaaaaaaay too many), sugar cookies, and crusts of stale bread.

While that was going on behind the house, the kittens and Alex enjoyed the air show at the front of the house.



Well, the cats were enjoying it until the gulls landed in the yard and weren't circling any more.  After that things weren't as exciting for them.


Alex loves the cats.  He's the only one who can hold Scratchy for more than a few seconds without Scratchy struggling to escape. 

But it's not THAT much more than a few seconds.


And by the way, Alex's smile just cracks me up.  He's got several adult teeth in various stages of growing in, two that grew in last year, and the rest are baby teeth. 

He's six and a half. 

That can't be possible.

3 thoughts on “At the Window

  1. How funny! I hadn’t even seen your post before I posted a similar one (except our birds and cats are both inside!). The first shot says it all…Here, birdie, birdie!

  2. Your posts always remind me of when my kids were little. BTW my son (23) was sitting on the couch with me last night as I checked out the Pear Tart… his comments were “that looks good…. it’s so pretty…. that looks REALLY good…” This all coming from a grown kid that would never try anything that wasn’t chocolate.

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