Blustery Day


This was the view out our big front window a couple mornings ago.  When the snow's not there, that area is part of the boat garden that I started several years ago and Bill finished this past summer.

Above, between some lavender and a beach rose, you can see one of the newer members of our outdoor family.  Bill picked her out.  She's a mermaid, and if she were real I'm sure she'd be really, really cold out there.  But then again, if she was a real mermaid, I'd wonder what she was doing sitting on mulch in a garden rather than swimming through the waves, so I suppose that's enough of the flights of fancy for this morning.  Anyway, the sunlight was trickling in through the trees that morning, and I thought it looked interesting.

In the back left you can also see our sad, pathetic December deer.  They've both fallen and have become welded to the frozen earth and partly buried by the crusty snow.  They still light up at night, though.  It's sort of like something from a Calvin and Hobbes panel, I'm thinking.

No trickling sunlight this morning, though, kids.  The sky is a bluish grey and there are tiny little snowflakes drifting and hovering and falling groundward.  The weather forecast has called for blustery winds and snow throughout the morning, and super cold air.  "Extreme weather conditions" they're calling it.  But as I look outside, I don't really see a lot of extremeness.  Just…winter.  And yet, they've cancelled school in our school district and some others throughout the state.  Because of the cold.  So the kids are home.  I don't mind – they've both got colds/sore throats/coughs (mainly Alex) and I kept them home yesterday because of that.  Another day being away from all the other germy kids isn't a terrible thing.  But still.  I don't remember missing school just because it was cold.  Ah well.  I'm sure there must be other reasons as well.

Anyway, the kids are (at the moment) playing nicely downstairs, and my coffee is cold, so I'm trying to decide if I want to reheat it or not. 

I know.  How can one woman handle SO MUCH???

My plans for today…I need to make bread – there's a chore (hahaha).  Hmmm…maybe I'll make some cookies.  Didn't expect to want to do that, but since I'm home and the kids are…we'll see.  And for dinner I'm planning to make a clam chowder.  I was looking through cookbooks yesterday and saw a recipe for corn chowder and since I have a huge bag of frozen corn at the moment, that seemed like a great idea.  But we also have bags of clams in the freezer downstairs, so…clams, corn and potatoes.  Three of my favorite foods.  So that's the plan.  Let me know if you'd like to join us, so I can be sure to make enough.

The lizard is shedding…that might explain why he hasn't been as aggressive in the last few days. 

The cats keep hopping up onto the kitchen counter so they can gaze, big-eyed, tails twitching, at the birds and squirrels out on the two feeding platforms.  Alex thought it was hysterical yesterday.

Speaking of Alex – he just came in here to tell me he's starving, so I'll end this post for now and tend to my starving children. 

But I'm sure I'll be back soon.

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