Claws of Death

And lest you think Scratchy is the only wacko feline we have, here's what I caught this morning:


I was moving some things around to make room on this table for some of Bill's beer-making stuff…and this cable to my laptop dipped between the pie safe and the table.  Look there, to the left of the pinecone.  See something gray…that's not metallic?


Ah, that's better.  It's Softy.  Trying to capture the cable.


I'm telling you, there's no end to the excitement around here.

3 thoughts on “Claws of Death

  1. It’s a free-standing cupboard kind of thing, or armoire, I guess, that traditionally had tin “windows” with holes punched in them (in a decorative pattern).  Pies would cool inside, safe from bugs, but with fresh air able to circulate, due to the punched-tin.  My parents had one made for me and one for my sister for Christmas many, many years ago.  I don’t cool pies in mine, I keep my own “office” stuff on one shelf, plastic food storage containers on another, other kitchen odds and ends on the third, and a blend of tripods and baking dishes on the bottom. 

  2. How nice! Sort of Amish-y maybe? I like the punched pattern I can see in the sides, most decorative.

    So disappointed you don’t always have pies cooling in it though… LOL

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