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Don’t Blink


Meet Vincent.


Vincent is a Hermit Crab.


And that little crumb on the paper plate above is there for a reason, not just because I was too lazy to pick it off.  It's a distance marker.  Vincent is doing sprints.


You see, Vincent – who belongs to my niece, Natalie – is in training for the Hermit Crab Summer Olympics, which are to be held this summer in Rhode Island, of all places.  Why this year?  Well, they chose to hold them on odd-numbered years so as not to steal attention away from the regular ol' human Olympics.


I apologize for the blurry shots – Vincent is just way too fast for my camera.


Vincent runs sprints every morning, and then does weight training in the afternoons.


Every other day he runs a couple miles to build up his endurance. 


Because he's in training, his diet is rather strict.  Fortunately for him, carbs are approved.


Anyway, I hope you'll cheer him on this summer.  The seats are sold out, but of course the games will be televised.  Don't forget to set your DVRs!

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