Late to the Ball – the 2008 Food Blog Awards



I only JUST found out about this within the last day or so, but I have been nominated for a "2008 Best Food Blog – Family/Kids" Award on the Well Fed Network and amazingly enough, my site is one of the five finalists.

Strange days, indeed!

Anyway, the polls are still open and will remain so until January 24th at 8:00 pm EST, so if you are so inclined, go ahead on over and VOTE! for one of us.

The other nominees in the Family/Kids category are Foodie Tots, Picky Palate, Under the High Chair, and Andrea's Recipes.  They're all fabulous blogs, and I'm honored (and, frankly, surprised) to be nominated along with them.

There are also 13 other categories, so take some time and peruse ALL of this year's nominees.

Winners will be announced on January 26th at the Well Fed Network's site.    

5 thoughts on “Late to the Ball – the 2008 Food Blog Awards

  1. Congradulations!

    I love your website. It’s more fun than flipping through my collection of cookbooks. I love the family and kitty stories! You have such a nice life, thanks for sharing.

    One of these days I might actually try a recipe. Need some bravery. 🙂

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