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Lime Thumbprints and a Lime Tart


These are the cookies I set out to make.  I'd found it in Martha's magazine, and you can also find the recipe online here.  They're actually supposed to be Key Lime Thumbprints, but the Key limes I bought didn't last too long and I ended up using regular limes.

Anyway, first I made the cookie dough and rolled it into balls.


I doubled the recipe, because I love lime and I figured everyone else would (or should), too. 


I par-baked the cookies, as directed, and then spooned the filling into the little hollows and finished baking.  I ended up making 142 cookies, (according to my notes) but I ended up with a lot of leftover filling. 


And since I figured that was enough cookies, and also since, for me, the ratio of cookie to filling was too skewed in favor of the cookies, I figured I'd make a tart with the rest of it.  I used some of my short dough surplus to make the crust.


Maybe I made my cookies wrong – not enough of a thumbrint for the filling. 


I don't know.  But I was, in the end, glad for the leftover filling.  The tart was yummy.


Especially with a generous dollop of whipped cream on top…


IMG_2920  IMG_2921  IMG_2922 

(Of course you can use canned whipped cream, or use a mixer, but really, it's very quick and easy to do by hand.  Just get a wide metal bowl and whisk in a loop – into the bowl and up and around and in and up – or even back and forth – as fast as you can.  It will thicken.  Oh, and use your bigger arm muscles to do this, not your wrist.  Especially if you have carpal tunnel issues.)


You want some, don't you.


I thought so.

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  1. I always make my whipped cream from scratch… I only make one serving at a time (no one else likes it) so I use one of those tiny battery operated drink mixers and a very cold glass… works great! The tart looks wonderful… I may have to try these cookies, I love lime too.

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