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Morning at Wachusett Mountain

Yesterday morning we drove up (early) to Wachusett Mountain so the kids could have a ski lesson and Bill could see how his knee would hold up after the bit of surgery he had a couple of weeks ago.  (Long story)

I've uploaded all the pictures from our adventure to flickr, so feel free to head on over and take a look.

Here, though, are a couple to tide you over…


Blurry sunrise. 


Alex (no, I don't have an explanation for the facial expression)


Julia.  She loves the camera, can you tell?


I edited this one to zoom in more on Alex as he goes nicely down the hill.  Julia's to the left in pink and purple, waiting her turn.


Julia, having successfully made it all the way down the mini mountain.  I think that's a hot cocoa stain on her left knee.  From snack time.

She fell asleep within moments as we headed home.

Good day for all.

4 thoughts on “Morning at Wachusett Mountain

  1. That brought back memories of the year my kids learned to ski… they were older than yours… probably 12 and 9, but they were fearless and it was sometimes scary watching them. Started out beginners in the morning by the afternoon they were on the trails with us. Mom doesn’t ski?

  2. Not yet. Funny, isn’t it? I’ve always lived in New England, I love the snow, but I never learned to ski. But after watching the kids yesterday, I think I’d like to.

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