No, I’m Not Really a Slug

I know, posting – of any kind – has been rather light lately.  I realized yesterday that I'm in some other sort of mental state at the moment.  Neither good nor bad, just…other.

So I haven't been posting much of anything.  It was like pulling teeth (my own – horrors) just to put up that TWD post the other day (and a day late at that).  I've got other food posts in the works:  photos taken, edited, ready to join up with some text – any text.  And yet…there they sit.  On my desktop.  Waiting.  Growing cold.

But I haven't been doing nothing – I'm working on some other things (yes, dolls are kind of part of that sort of in a roundabout way), and I've been putting my time and effort into THAT when, before, I would have been typing. 

My pendulum doesn't linger in the middle part for very long.  It's either one upswing or the other.  I'm still working on balance.

Anyway, that's kind of my status update.

3 thoughts on “No, I’m Not Really a Slug

  1. awwww {{{Big BIG Hugs}}}

    I didn’t mean to nag on Twitter – I should have come here and seen your posts first. Cos I missed this one.

    Life has been throwing me some wild ones too, so I’m doing everything in the wrong order. We must learn to be gentle with ourselves and with others I guess.

    No, I don’t think I include Julia’s toothbrush in these gentle antics LOL

  2. Oh and while I’m here again, what a WONDERFUL header for this month.. how are the little angels coming along? Have you done a facey one yet? (no sweat, no nagging, just wondering… 🙂 )

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