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Pork Loin Medallions With Apples, Onions and Herbs


I've been so mired in cookies for the past several weeks, I've been neglecting the rest of the menu, at least as far as posting is concerned.

We bought a package of pork tenderloins (2) at some point in December, and after much contemplation of possibilities, I went the medallion route.

(I don't have many process photos for this one – sorry!)

First, I sliced the tenderlions into inch-thick medallions.  I got 7 from each tenderlion.  I seasoned both sides of each medallion with salt and pepper, and then heated some oil in our biggest pan.  I set the heat on medium high, and then browned the medallions on both sides.  It took maybe a minute and a half to two minutes per side.  Then I removed the medallions and put them on a plate while I made a sauce.

I sliced an onion and then peeled and chopped up a granny smith apple which had the misfortune to be sitting on the counter as I looked around the kitchen for ideas. 

I softened the onions in the pan with a little butter (same pan I'd used for the medallions) and then added the apple pieces, a half a cup of apple juice, half a cup of chicken stock, and a splash of white wine.  I let this mixture cook down a bit and then added rosemary, sage, and salt and pepper to taste.  Once the onions and apple were nice and soft, and the liquid had cooked down somewhat, I placed the pork medallions back in the pan, lowered the heat, and kept the medallions in there just long enough to heat them through.  I turned them over once, so they'd warm up evenly and not dry out on top.  Toward the end, I added a splash of half 'n' half.


Now while all of that was under way, I took out a few baked potatoes that were in my fridge, sliced them into "medallions" similar to the pork (skin on), rubbed them lightly with oil and placed them on a pan in a 400 degree F oven.  I didn't write down how long they took to brown, but it wasn't critical, since they were already cooked through anyway.  I just kept an eye on them while the sauce was simmering, turned them over once they'd started browning on the bottom, and when the medallions were done, I took the potatoes out, too.


They were wonderfully crispy on the outside and still soft in the middle.  Kind of like big round steak fries.

To serve, I placed two potato medallions on a plate with a salad of mixed greens…


And then I placed a pork medallion on each potato and poured some of the pan sauce over the top.


And that was dinner.

Simple, quick, and delicious.  (Well, Alex didn't like the onions, but otherwise the meal was a e themsuccess for adults and children alike.)

The most important thing is not to overcook the pork.  Brown it quickly at the start, take it off the heat, then, when the sauce is done, just warm the medallions up before you serve.

And as far as the sauce goes, there's plenty of room to be creative, so have fun with it!



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