Princess Julia Doll

A few weeks ago I sketched this in one of Julia's diaries.  (Yes, she loves to scribble in her pink diaries.  With her pink pens.)


That, I believe, was the catalyst for my late-onset doll obsession.

I made a couple of trial run dolls, which I showed you before here and here.

I knew, though, that I would need to make this Princess Julia doll sooner or later.  I just wasn't sure how to.

But anyway, I figured that out, and here she is:







She doesn't look exactly the same as my original scribble, and she's not perfect, but I'm pretty damn pleased with her.  I did all the beading around the hem of her ball gown and across the top of the bodice, (which is made of a piece of velvety ribbon - so soft) and I made the tiny little bracelets and necklace and tiara she's wearing.

And I made Julia a bracelet to match the doll's ensemble.


Here's a closer look at the little tiara – wire and beads.


And that's what I've been up to when I'm not cooking things.

I should probably do laundry or wash a dish…but this is way more fun.



10 thoughts on “Princess Julia Doll

  1. That is sooo cute…I absolutely love it…now I need to take that inspiration and do something with it. You should be proud of yourself…it is really, really way better than laundry!

  2. wow!! I’m impressed!! Look at all that detail! … she looks amazing, so forget about laundry and continue creating such beautiful dolls :o)

  3. She’s beautiful, just like Julia. Now it’s time to make a Alex doll… in little camo jeans, with a backwards ball cap…. scruffy hair and all.

  4. She is beautiful!! What was Julia’s reaction? I love the fact that you created a matching bracelet. Julia is lucky to have such a mommy as yourself!

  5. She actually got a LOT of pink princessy dress-up clothes, shoes, tiaras and so forth for Christmas, so she’s actually all set.  For now.

  6. Julia’s reaction was one of open-mouthed amazement.  She was actually SILENT at first, and then she breathed “She’s beautiful!”  (While I swelled with pride nearby.)  Then she asked “Can she be for me?”  and I said “She IS for you.  It’s the Princess Julia doll.”  and she absorbed that and then hopped out of her chair and hugged me and said “Thank you!  Thank you, Mommy!” 

    It was a wonderful moment for both of us.

    Oh – and the matching bracelet?  This is SO Julia – I showed her the bracelet I’d made for her, and Julia looked at her own bracelet and the TWO on the doll and asked “But what about the other bracelet?”

    I have since taught her to string beads on a cord, so she can make all the necklaces and bracelets she wants!

  7. What did you make her hair from ? It looks lovely on the doll – (although in need of a darn good conditioner if it were on Julia…)

  8. It’s a Lion’s Brand yarn called “Fancy Fur.”  I just liked the crazy fluffy look of it, so I bought a whole bunch of colors or color blends.  It’s kind of horrible to work with, but once it’s done, I like the effect.

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