Since Her Own Aren’t Pierced Yet


So I bought a kit, and beads, and more beads, and oh, too many things to admit to, and I started teaching myself to make very simple jewelry.  From the kit, I made several stretchy bracelets (which I gave to Julia), and a couple pairs of dangly earrings, which I had in a plastic container on the work table in mybedroom, along with the necklace I made most recently (from the kit.) 

Now, because of the cats, particularly the kittens, who see our home as their toy store, I am REALLY good about putting sewing and jewelry-making things away when I'm done working.  I don't want the kittens playing with pins, or tiny beads, or anything else.  And they would, if given the smallest of opportunities. 

So I KNOW that I did not leave the two plastic containers and those earrings just OUT like that on the table yesterday.

I also didn't leave a purple unicorn on the ironing board.

Or put earrings on the unicorn's ears.


I wonder who could have done that.

It sure is a mystery.

3 thoughts on “Since Her Own Aren’t Pierced Yet

  1. How cute… I remember those days of begging for kindergartners, especially the creative kind. Those earrings are really cute, Julia – I mean the cats, have excellent taste.

    You remind me of me with all the different hobbies. I’m betting your husband sticks pretty much to the guitar…. mine too. Have you ever heard the song, “Don’t Marry A Man With A Pick In His Pocket.”

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