Where He Ought Not Be

I am contributing to the delinquency of oh, all the young creatures in our home.  Except the lizard.  He had gone over to the dark side long before he joined our little family.

But what I mean about me encouraging less than stellar behavior…I have a habit now of catching one of them in the act of doing something they shouldn't be doing…like Julia coloring her nails with marker…or…oh…Scratchy lounging on top of the tank cover that protects Alex's betta.

He loves to perch up there – the little light (for the fish) makes it all warm and cozy, and he (Scratchy) has a good view of the lizard tank as well.

When Bill catches him up there, he tries to nudge him off – and Scratchy basically pushes back against Bill's hand.  He doesn't want to leave and does his best to become extra heavy and immobile.  It's kind of funny. 

So here's what I happened upon last night.  And rather than remove him from his perch, I tiptoed into the kitchen to get my camera.




As you can see, he was immediately guilt-ridden and scampered away.


I left the room and put my camera away and told no one what I had seen.

Until now.

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