Keeping Company


I have a little nook where I've set up my sewing stuff recently.  It's just a banquet table that's now nearly covered with a shelving unit left over from an old second-hand computer desk we had a while back, and my sewing machine, containers of yarn and ribbon and needles and other assorted bits and pieces of my stabs at creativity.  There's also, in the corner, a red pillow from our living room that split along the seam and needs to be closed up.  The only problem with that – now – is that Softie and Scratchy have claimed it for their own.

You can see a bit of it at the bottom of the picture above.  Right under Scratchy.  The two kittens (well, catolescents, I guess) have taken turns napping on that pillow so much that it's now mostly gray with fur and dented in the shape of curled-up-cat.

When we got back from our little trip last week, Scratchy, in particular, was insanely glad to see us and has been extra clingy to me ever since.  So when I set up my laptop on the tiny bit of remaning space of the sewing table, he was right there with me. 


He's really a sweet cat.  Still doesn't like to be picked up – although of all of us, Alex has the most success at it.  But Scratchy is a very companionable cat. 

He's good company.

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  1. Aww your cats are so cute. I had a cat growing up (she is 12 now) that has never liked getting picked up. She loves all over you, as long as she is the one that comes to you and you didn’t pick her up. I suppose there are just some cats that are perfectly sweet and friendly but hate being picked up 🙂

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