That Softie – She’s A Funny One

This morning Alex showed up beside my bed at about quarter to four.

"Well, it's two things, Mom," he began in his no-big-rush sort of way.

His covers had all fallen off the bed, and Softie had gotten into the bedroom and was purring around his head and "disturving" him.

In fact, as he was telling me this, I could hear the deafening motor that is Softie-when-happy purring from somewhere near his feet.  She didn't want him out of her sight.

I have no idea why she has latched onto him like that – could be because he's always been very gentle with her (and every animal).  Could be some sort of cross-species crush she has.  Who knows.  But whenever he's in bed, if she has the opportunity to hop up on his bed and march around on his pillow, rubbing up against his head and purring loudly, she grabs it with all 200 claws.

Anyway, I took care of both situations A and B and Alex went back to sleep.  I didn't.  So I've been up since then.  Not doing much – reading a bit of a book, catching up on other blogs – drinking hot cocoa.  Real exciting stuff.

But back to Softie.  Her tummy wound continues to heal nicely, and she seems totally oblivious to it.  She does all her usual stuff – stalking her monstrous brother (Scratchy is a BIG cat) or staring, unblinking, at the lizard from TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT, hopping up onto the counter by the sink and making little coughing "ack-ack" predatory noises at the birds, scratching the furniture when she can get away with it, and, as mentioned before, snuggling with Alex's head.

Last night before dinner I had been working on some little projects in my tiny corner workshop/sewing area in my bedroom.  (Alex has had enough of me making dolls – he wants a triceratops.  "You need a challenge, Mom.")  I was on my way out of the room for some reason, and there was Softie.  Sitting in this red case/storage thing I got a while back.  I think it's meant for either CDs/DVDs (i'm awfully fond of the back slash this morning, huh?) or videotapes but I think mine has old tee shirts Alex has outgrown in it.  For some future as-yet undetermined project.  Anyway, last night, as I walked by, this is what I saw:


To me, that doesn't look at all comfortable.  But what do I know?  I'm not a cat.


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