This Is Not a Valentine’s Day-Themed Post. Mostly.

Because my day began at around one in the morning when I woke up.  I've got a yucky cold or something and I woke up dry-mouthed, achy-throated, and just generally achy over all.  I couldn't go back to sleep, so I went downstairs, took a variety of meds, made some tea, and went further downstairs to watch stuff on the food network.

I fell alseep during a Good Eats episode about…oranges?  I think?  I don't know.  I just know that's when I took off my glasses, curled up under some blankets on the couch, and just listened. 

I like to listen to Alton Brown.  I like his voice.  More than that, I like his wit and intelligence.  His shows are kind of like story time.  Story time about food.  Which sounds good to me.

So I snuggled down, eyes closed, and listened to the start of the show – and I was out. 

For three solid hours. 

And then I woke up in the middle (or some section) of a weird, unpleasant, kind of disturbing dream that I couldn't entirely sort out.  I went upstairs to my own bed, thinking I just needed to be sleeping in the right place.  It was a lovely idea, but it didn't work.  I lay there, awake, breathing out of my mouth for a while, then I schlepped back downstairs, made more tea, and searched for something to watch.  Not a whole lot to choose from at that hour.  I was hoping for cooking shows on PBS – seems to me I've seen Lidia Bastianich in the wee hours before.  But not this morning.  I watched the tail end of something on the food network again – one of those recipe for success shows about someone starting a business in the food industry, and then figured that would be it.

But no!

There was something coming on…something educational - there was a little blurb at the bottom of the screen that said teachers could utilize the following program in the classroom…

I stared at the screen through half-closed eyes as the show came on.  Bunch of people sitting at the counter in a diner.  One of them spoke.


It was Alton Brown.

I would say I wept with joy, but that would be silly.  But I was definitely joyful, in my own, special, congested way.

This show was about potatoes – yay!  I didn't fall asleep this time around, I just watched and wished I had some russet potatoes on hand because a baked potato sounded really good to me right about then.

After the show, I went (again) back to my own bed and fell into a peaceful, contented sleep.

Now it's morning – true daytime morning.  Kids are up – and in the other room "secretly" making me valentine's day cards.  I already made their day with a book each, a little stuffed animal, a card, and some chocolate. 

And that's about all the effort I intend to put into anything today.

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  1. I love Alton Brown, too. I actually feel asleep during that same episode, but I don’t think I made it too far into the show. I dozed off in the beginning when he was in the orange grove. His voice is nice! And, I love his humor.

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