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TWD (Slacker Style) – World Peace Cookies


That's what's left.  Or, rather, that's what was left this morning when I took the pictures.


I think there are about 8 or 9 of them left in this picture.  There are fewer now.  I sent three off with Alex for a snack at school.  He also had one after breakfast.  I'm weak.  And I had two a little while ago.  Or three.


Intensely chocolatey, kind of shortbread-like in texture, and with little bits and pieces of chopped chocolate throughout…these cookies deserve a far better post than my puny offering today.

But it's all I've got this time around.  Yesterday got away from me and I completely forgot to write the post.  Not just didn't do it – I forgot. 

I baked them, but no pictures, and then no post.

As I said, these cookies, Dorie's World Peace Cookies, chosen by Jessica of cookbookhabit, deserve far more than just my few words and my pathetic pictures. 

So go check out all the other TWD members and their posts.  And then go to Jessica's site and get the recipe (or buy the book and get the recipe that way!) – and bake these cookies.

World Peace,  indeed.

I know I'm feeling pretty loving toward the rest of the world right about now.

6 thoughts on “TWD (Slacker Style) – World Peace Cookies

  1. I would do anything for these cookies. I might even sell my children for them. These could be my downfall- chocolate AND cookies!! Yum yum.

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