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  1. JAYNE!!


    These are SO beautiful!! I can’t express to you how happy it makes me that you made these! Look how hippie and tie-dyed they are! Seriously, Jayne, your talent knows no bounds. I mean, you made tie-dyed dolphin cookies!! Hahahahahaha. And what’s more, I’m sure they taste as good as they look. This has made my day, really. GREAT photos of some FABULOUS cookies. You are a sweetheart, you are, my dear Jayne.


    Thank you, Jayne, for cheering me up in a huge way.

  2. You won’t believe this, I bought a whole load of Murano glass animals recently, and they all look just like your dolphins! Really really classy…

    You could sell them for a fortune in your etsy shop. 🙂

  3. Hahahahaha!

    It’s not all that much of a secret.  I’m assuming you mean about the tie-dyed look on some and the swirly look on others?  I just iced them with royal icing – piped the color on in lines or circles…then for the tie-dyed ones I dipped a small paintbrush in water and gently painted from the center circle outward, with just water, and then continue all the way around – going from the center circle out toward the edges.  I worked very lightly – didn’t want to make it all a puddle, I just wanted to kind of pull the colors out a bit.  I did something similar with the other dolphins, just dipping the brush in water and running it across the icing in a swirly pattern.  I didn’t have a huge game plan – I was just playing. 

    Oh, and if that’s not what you were talking about, please let me know which OTHER secret you want divulged!  🙂

  4. The Sudden Yurt Commune gets more appealing every day. These cookies are awesome! I would love to bite one of their lovely little tie-dyed tails right off.

  5. JAYNE! I’m not even worthy to look at these cookies. Forget the s’mores. These should be the official campfire snack of the SYC!


  6. Jayne, I cannot get over these cookies. I just made Frank look at them (LOOK! LOOK at these!) as I gushed over what a talent you are.

  7. Sarah,  hahahaha!  I’m so glad you like them!  I had fun making them – I love messing around like that but I don’t always get the chance to (or make the time).  Now I need to find a gluten-free cookie recipe, too, so everyone in the SYC can have some.  🙂   I’ve also got a cousin who recently discovered she can’t have gluten, so I need to find new baking recipes so I can still share with her. 

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