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Frighteningly Pink Caviar Dip


This is a variation on one of the dip recipes in Peggy Fallon's book Great Party Dips.  As you may or may not know, I'm hosting a giveaway featuring this very same book.  To enter, you can click here.

Anyway.  The recipe in the book is called "24-Carat Caviar Dip" and calls for the use of golden whitefish caviar.  The store I went to didn't have it – they only had red and black, so I went with the red.  The recipe also calls for a quarter cup of chives.  I picked the wild chives growing in our back yard and only got about an eighth of a cup, so I used diced shallot for the other eighth of a cup.


And, instead of the sour cream called for in the original recipe, I used plain greek-style yogurt.

Here are the quantities I used for my scary variation:

1  1/4 cups fat free Greek-style yogurt

2 oz cream cheese, room temperature

Dash of cayenne pepper

2 oz red lumpfish caviar

1/8 cup minced fresh chives

1/8 cup finely chopped shallot

And all you do is combine the yogurt and cream cheese and cayenne pepper until it has a smooth consistency (I used the food processor),


and then gently fold in the chives and shallots


and the caviar.


It looks so dramatic initially…


before you stir it.  But then the red mixes with the white…


and you end up with something Barbie might serve at her next cocktail party.

I'm guessing this might be why Ms. Fallon chose the golden caviar for her version.  It looks classier.

But don't let the girly color scare you away (if you are normally frightened by girly-pink foods) – the texture is thick from the Greek-style yogurt and cream cheese, and if you like salty little crunches of caviar, you'l be more than happy with the result.  Just close your eyes and you'll be fine.

Cover the bowl and put it in the fridge if you're not going to serve it right away.

Serve with whatever you'd like – I found yummy little rice crackers with flecks of nori that went really well with the caviar dip…til we ran out.


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