Hey! I Won Something!

The Foodie Blog Roll Contests: Winner! Last week I got an email from Jenn (The Leftover Queen)& Co. at The Foodie Blogroll to let me know I was one of two random winners in their monthly Foodie Blogroll Magazine Giveaway Contest!

Like I need another magazine!  (Well, of course I do!)  My choices were Gourmet, Saveur, Bon Appetit, and Food and Wine.  I already receive Gourmet and Bon Appetit, and so after much coin flipping, I chose Food and Wine.  Because…you know…food AND wine.

Congratulations also to Foodista, the other winner in February 2009!

And thanks to The Foodie Blogroll folks!

2 thoughts on “Hey! I Won Something!

  1. and so you should! Well done, you deserve it, blogging whilst wading through piles of ick needs to be recognised.

    (But I am SO glad you didn’t decide to photojournal it.)

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