Hooray! Another Cookbook Giveaway!



Book cover_1_1_1   Yet another gorgeous publication from Wiley, this slim hardcover by Peggy Fallon was published in December 2008.

I confess that it has spent the last couple of months languishing in the company of the other cookbooks I received during the 2008 holiday season.  I may have flipped through the pages when I received it, but that was all. 

In preparation for this giveaway, however, I took a closer look.  And a part of me doesn't actually want to give this one away now, but ah well, I've made the commitment and I must keep my word.

I wanted to pick out and make one of Fallon's dips BEFORE posting the contest, just so I could have the recipe and photos ready to go.  But I ran into a problem.  I couldn't pick just one to do.  First I picked this one, then I thought that one sounded good, too…and pretty soon I had a list of five or six I wanted to make.

I jotted down the ingredients I'd need (most of the ingredients were things I already had on hand, fortunately) and zipped out to the grocery store yesterday intending to crank out all of the recipes in one afternoon.


Okay, that was a bit ambitious.  So instead, I made two of them yesterday, and I'll put together at least two more today and post them over the course of the weekend.  Just so you can see what you're in for if you enter and win this handy little book.

The recipe portion of the book is divided into four sections – "Cool Dips and Spreads," "Salsas and Such," "Warm Dips and Spreads," and "Dependable Dippers."  That last section includes suggestions for great alternatives to potato chips and corn chips to serve alongside your dips.   

Okay, enough blathering on.  Like I said, I'll be posting recipes from the book over the next several days, so you can see what you'd be in for if you had your very own copy of this charming volume.

The deadline for entries will be…..let's see, since I've got a bunch of recipes to post, let's make the deadline Wednesday, April 1st, at midnight, eastern standard time.  (And that's not a set up for an April Fool's Day joke – it's really and truly the deadline!)

To enter:

In the comments section of this post, tell me what sort of dip or salsa you find completely addictive.  It can be something you make yourself, it can be onion dip from a dry mix that your mom used to make when you were a kid.  Whatever it is – please share

I'll start – oh no…just one favorite?  Well, I make guacamole very often – at least once a week.  I don't have a recipe – it changes depending on what other ingredients I have.  No lime?  I use lemon.  No cilantro?  How about some basil?  My kids don't like the zing of onions or the heat of jalapenos, so if I'm making some for them I'll leave those out – in fact Alex's favorite guacamole consists of mashed avocado.  And that's it.  When it's just Bill and me, I'll go all out with tomato, cilantro, shallots or onions, tiny bits of any kind of hot pepper we have on hand, a good squeeze of lime, and a sprinkling of salt and pepper.  Yum.

So let's hear it – what's your dip addiction?

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  1. When I was a kid I adored taramasalata with hot toast triangles or pitta bread, I think it first attracted me because it’s such a pretty shade of pink, but the intense salty fishiness also won my heart.

    Yum, I haven’t had that in ages! Hmmm, I think we may need to stop off at the supermarket on the way home…

  2. I love spinach artichoke dip! I’ve only made it once and while it was good, I still prefer the restaurant versions I’ve had.

  3. Jen!  Keep checking back over the next few days – one of the other dips I made is kind of similar to taramasalata.  Not EXACTLY the same, but similar.

  4. I am seriously the QUEEN of dips. I love them all. And I have my own little tweaks for most of them (seriously, stretch your guac with a little sour cream mixed in, so yummy) But, my all time favorite of favorites is hummous. Im greek, so there’s always homemade hummous in my fridge 🙂 yum yum yum (dont worry, dean’s french onion dip, you’re a close second, i promise!)

  5. Just ONE? I can think of at least two… but I guess I’ll go with beer cheese, the old family standby. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, maybe disgusting. It’s not a diet food, by any means – a can of beer, a block or two of cheddar, mayo, spices… yeah. Not at all good for you, but GAWDAMIGHTY, it’s tasty on chips.

  6. My two favorites are: 1) Hot artichoke dip. And, 2) layered taco dip – refried beans, sour cream mixed with taco seasoning, guacamole, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, green onions, and olives.

  7. DO YOU HAVE A RECIPE YOU COULD SHARE???  Oh my god, I remember my mother making something like this when I was little for a party she threw, but she doesn’t have the recipe.  I’ve been trying to find one that matches the taste in my memory.  I agree – it’s fabulous stuff!!!

  8. I make a great (if I do say so myself) white bean dip. I use canned beans so it goes together really fast. Some chipotle powder and smoked paprika gives it a depth and kick.

    I have also been known to make a pretty good “mock guac.” with asparagus.

    Oh,and growing up every slumber party required a crock pot of Ro-Tel dip. It is a classic and so bad for you. (But so good.)

  9. Sorry, my all time favorite is the classic french onion dip from the Liptons Onion Soup mix. I tried making the Barefoot Contessa’s version, JUST NOT THE SAME AT ALL!

  10. I am a sucker for any creamy dip. However, I made Guacamole and salsa about once a week, I love avocados!

  11. I just read the Moroccan Salsa post, which sounds so delicious that I must try to win the book it’s from. I love lots of dips, but one that immediately springs to mind is a dip a college friend’s mom used to make. It had everything under the sun in it–layers of sour cream, salsa, baked bean, spinach and I don’t know what else. It was amazing!

  12. I am loving this salsa recipe. It’s very close to my own, which I spike with some cumin and balsamic vinegar. That one is probably my dip that everyone else loves the most, I just add a spoonful of it to some avocado mash for an amazing guacamole too! The dip that I am addicted to is my triple layer dip consisting of one layer of goat cheese, one layer of olive tapenade (homemade or the Trader Joes one), and topped with chopped marinated artichoke hearts. Mmmmmm… I can not get enough of that stuff!!

  13. Errr sorry I meant I was loving the salsa recipe from your newer post, but it’s from this book so it’s not tooooo confusing I hope!

  14. I have just recently been introduced to the wonderfulness that is hummus. I am now a big fan…needs to be some sort of flavored kind and I will eat it all up on crackers. For a slightly different dip…and not sure if it counts since it is technically a fondue, but I absolutely ADORE the Melting Pot’s recipe for Fiesta Cheese Fondue…it is great and easy to make at home too (also a cheddar cheese beer based recipe). I would probably lick the bowl if it wasn’t super hot 😉

  15. I don’t know if hummus is actually a dip- but if it is that is my favorite. I make or buy it for gatherings and seem to horde it all to myself-but it has to have the pine nuts and olive oil drizzled on top!Other than that I love making a dip out of Knorr Leek soup mix-less strong than regular onion dip and it tastes great with veggies,chips or crackers.

  16. OMG! How can you choose just one! There’s spinach artichoke dip, hummus, pico de gallo, guacamole, french-onion dip, etc! I guess my all time favorite is guacamole using traditional ingredients, then pico de gallo, then spinach-artichoke dip, then hummus (any kind), and then french-onion dip. I just can’t get enough guacamole and I love pico de gallo because it’s a refreshing dip. Now I want some!!

  17. I often refer to myself as a Dip, but it’s because I do goofy stuff. I was once told by a Mexican friend that I was the only “Gringa” she knew that could make good salsa. Being from Texas that’s an honor. So I make MY salsa every week. I love Artichoke dip and could make a sandwich of it with a side of salsa. There is a garlic cheese artichoke dip that I really like but can’t find the recipe for. You serve it in a hollowed out round loaf of bread. I once asked the hostess of the Bunko game if I could take the almost empty loaf home with me after the party…. I made a sandwich of it! I told you I was a Dip.

  18. Since most of what I consider dips are really spreads (like Tapenade), I’ll have to go with Spinach and Artichoke dip as my favorite.

  19. Guacamole!! I can eat a whole serving by myself! Thank goodness my fiance doesnt like it.

  20. I once made an entire meal of dips for our family for dinner. Ridiculous, but delicious! It really is hard to choose just one. I make hot artichoke dip a lot for parties. Or in a hurry I top a block of cream cheese with crab meat or bay shrimp and cover the whole thing with cocktail sauce. Yum! I had a roasted garlic dip mix that I bought at Kurtz Culinary Creations at Niagara-on-the-Lake, and everyone loved it so it disappeared fast. And I combine sour cream with a packet of dry italian dressing mix, toss in some chopped tomato and avocado and it is fantastic. But my family is addicted to my homemade fresh salsa. It is my attempt at copying a fresh salsa served at The Country Kitchen in Joshua Tree, CA. Tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, green onions, cilantro, garlic, vinegar, sugar, and salt. The tanginess of the vinegar and the subtle sweetness of the sugar really make it different and delicious! I make it all the time and we never get tired of it!

  21. The most addicting dip I know how to make is my mother’s taco dip. I have no idea where she got the recipe from or if she made it up and I have certainly tweaked it but I get into ruts where i have to have it, for weeks on end. Get our your food processor — to the whirring blades add a quarter of a white onion (or a small one — just don’t overdose on it), four or five cloves of garlic and one serrano (or jalapeno if you like your heat level lower) pepper and get them all finely ground up. Then, take 2 packages of cream cheese bricks at room temperature and add them to your lovely oniony garlic mash — mix it up and as it’s mixing, take your favorite jar of taco sauce (or salsa if you prefer it chunkier) and pour about 2-3 tblspoons into it. This is a judgement call — some may want it more saucy than others. It should be nice and pinky orange but still have a creamy consistency. Then, add 3-4 dashes of your favorite hot sauce and whir it up a bit more. Pour the dip into a nice pretty bowl and let it firm in the fridge (if you can stand it) for an hour or so. Then add chopped or sliced tomatoes and shredded cheddar cheese to the top and serve with crunchy salty corn chips. And then try very hard not to eat it all at one sitting.

    Oh dear god, now I desperately want this dip and I don’t have any chips.


  22. How about this dessert dip: 1 package softened cream cheese, 1 jar fluff (NOT the giant sized one). Whip together and put in a bowl. You can dip sliced apples, grapes, graham crackers, melon cubes. It sounds kind of gross, but it is soooooooooooo good.

  23. My favorite dip is a favorite with all adult guests.

    salmon, baked and flaked (or you can use the stuff that comes in a pouch)
    cream cheese
    dollup of mayo
    black pepper
    splash lemon juice

    easy, creamy, salty, with a kick. lovely.

  24. My favorite dip is a very simple one made with pace picante sauce and cream cheese… mixed together and eaten with salty potato chips… ruffles were always my favorite. total comfort food.

  25. OMG — classic onion dip, made with the dry soup mix & sour cream — gets me every time. I could eat a whole recipe. Really, the chips are just the vehicle in this case. Lately, I’ve discovered the cream cheese/wasabi/sesame dip (easy, peasy to make). 7-layer taco dip is another classic. bur seriously, put onion dip in front of me, and you’ll be sorry!!!

  26. I looooooooove aioli. You don’t wanna kiss anyone or even come to close to anyone who hasn’t enjoyed the same amount of garlic, but it is just sooooo good.

  27. I love the cheese dip that I eat at Mexican restaurants but I couldn’t tell you for the life of me how to make it. That is one of the main things I eat there for. I wish I new how to make it. Thank you for the giveaway. Maybe the recipe is in this book. 😉

  28. Lately I’m in a Garlic Dip phase with artichoke hearts added. My phases change frequently & I’m trying to find a good yogurty dip for fruit this summer. That looks like a great book. I enjoy your blog – with or without that fine cookbook. ;o}

  29. You can’t do wrong with fresh smoked Alaskan salmon dip..just a hint of lemon, creamy cream cheese, touch of cilantro and sweet onions. Then I cheat with a commercial grind of spices. After that, I’d have to say garlic dip, after sitting 1-2 days..strong and tasty!

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