5 thoughts on “It’s March Now?

  1. a) oohhhh I love new banners – yours are so creative…

    But first – here in the UK, to have someone in stitches means to make them double up with laughter – does it have the same connotation for you lot?

    b) ooohhh ooohhhh Etsy shop! You sneaked that in without any fanfares! I’m sure that link wasn’t there before.

    Is that Julia’s dainty handy-pandy I see with pretty pink bracelets?

  2. hahaha – not so creative with the banner this month!  at least not yet…and yes – I meant both connotations with my “in stitches” line  – the sewing and the laughter

    and yes – that’s Julia’s hand – and I have to tell you that the phrase “handy pandy” GOT me.  My grandmother used to say that.  sniff.  the one who used to make the dolls. 

  3. London.  East end.  I’m trying to think of the street…………..Desford Road?  Or maybe that was the school my grandfather went to.  My mom’s parents grew up in the same town and first encountered each other when they were 6.  My grandfather was an only child for a while (younger brother Charlie died very young, younger brother John didn’t come along til my grandfather was 8) and very active and athletic and that sort of thing.  My grandmother was the youngest (surviving) girl – fifth child out of six – the only boy was her younger brother.  Anyway, my grandmother was a rather quiet, shy thing.  As the story goes, one day there was a loud commotion – some boys fighting – and she asked who that was, and was told “Oh, that’s Jimmy A., fighting again.”  The next snippet I know of is that my grandfather wrote my grandmother poetry – when he was eleven.  My grandfather was a great student but was made to leave school at twelve to help support the
    family.  He eventually apprenticed to a machinist, learned the trade, and then went to America at (I think) 21.  He had a bit of family here, so he stayed with them until he could support himself, and then sent for my grandmother.  She came here by boat – alone – at age 23 and they were married shortly after her arrival because the person at customs was apparently concerned that my grandmother was going to be forced into white slavery or something (this is how I remember it all).  Anyway, they were married for over 50 years.  My mother was their only child.  My grandfather passed away in 88 and my grandmother in 93.  They were everpresent in my life when I was growing up, and they have influenced me in countless ways.  I know they stop in to visit from time to time.  I’ve smelled my grandfather’s pipe tobacco.

    And that’s your answer.  Wow.  I didn’t expect all that to come pouring out!  And actually, my dad’s mom was from England, too, from Cornwall, but she came over when she was 16 and somehow to me she didn’t seem English.  But then, they only lived nearby til I was four and then they moved to Arizona, so I didn’t see them all that often. 

    My goodness, that was quite a little stroll just then.

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