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Mud Puppies


This was Friday afternoon.

The weather was about ten degrees warmer than we had expected – a gorgeous spring day.

We were all home – from work, school, whatever, and Bill and I were walking around the yard checking the gardens to see what was coming up and what wasn't…what might need new soil…what might need to be moved…that sort of thing. 

The kids decided to dig for treasure in the bare spot where we put their pool every summer.

"No, wait, you have to put an X there before you dig!"  (Of course, because if there's no X, there's no treasure.)

Well, they dug for a bit and – much to my surprise – found nothing in the way of pirate plunder, so they started bringing buckets of icy cold water from the sandbox (which had been left uncovered for, oh, the winter) and pouring it into the hole they'd dug.

And then, well, things got a bit messier.

They had a blast until it was time for them to come in the house.  We had them strip down to their underwear and then (perhaps not the best idea) Bill hosed them down.  So we went from two happy, laughing, muddy kids to two shivering, cold, sobbing children.  "IT STINGS!!!!"

I herded the kids into the house and directly into the shower.  They sat in the tub as the NICE AND WARM water pelted them and the mitrror and window steamed up.  I got MOST of the bits of dirt out of Julia's hair.  I think.

All the rest of the pictures are here.

One thought on “Mud Puppies

  1. I’ve said it before and here I go again… My kids have done the same thing. And yes, the youngest got the most mud. Jeff looked like a skinny little mud monster when Jolea was finished with him. It took three days before we finally got all the mud off him. It kept showing up in the strangest places. BTW… those clothes may never be the same.

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