A Couple Things

My TWD post will be up a bit later – I wasn't happy with the pictures, so I need to fix them.

I am postponing the next giveaway til next week. 

Instead, I am declaring this Egg Week here, and I'm going to see how many other ways of coloring eggs I can try out.  I want to make the Chinese tea eggs, simply because I haven't before, and they were the inspiration for these eggs.  And I've seen other cool egg-coloring methods showing up here and there, so, while it's still kind of a relevant topic, I thought I'd keep the egg rolling.  Ha ha.

That's about it for now.  Time to get the kids off to school. 

Oh, and here's a picture of one of my sister's cats.  Her name is Tulip.  She's insane.


3 thoughts on “A Couple Things

  1. That cat is sooo beautiful, and she obviously knows it! Did she enjoy the banana btw?

    And now the banana post is up, I see what you meant about “not happy about the pictures”.. you greedy hussy, wipe that cream from your smile!

    You can’t take a picture of a piece of pie that is already screeching its way down your throat, now can you?

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