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Because They’d Look Silly Mounted on the Wall…


We sauted them in sage butter.

Saturday, April 11th, was Opening Day of Trout Season 2009.  For my husband, this is THE Holiest of Holy days in the entire year. He will not book performances on this day.  he will not make plans to do anything with anybody no matter who they are, unless it is his nephew, Joe, or his friend John, and the plan is to be up super early and be on the water, rods baited and lifted, fingers holding the line still until it is exactly 6:00 am Eastern Standard Time.  And then it begins.  The casting, the jigging, the reeling, the catching, the cursing – all of it.

This year wasn't as good as  last year.  For one thing, it was raining and cold.  A little drizzle isn't a bad thing, overcast is good, too.  But this year was just cold and wet.  Whether that was the reason for the minimal catch is debatable.  Bill said it didn't look like anyone was catching much, and definitely nothing big.  Joe caught the largest two fish – the biggest, which he hooked on his first cast, was 14.5 inches.  They've caught bigger.  Bill caught the smallest trout and a sunfish, which he released.  They tried several spots, but it was not to be.

But anyway.  Joe kindly gave us the two he caught, and after Bill filleted them I simply pan-fried them and served them with macaroni and cheese (for Julia) and pasta with butter and herbs for the rest of us.  (And actually, for a change, Alex LIKED the mac and cheese, and so did Bill.)  

We also – as usual – saved the heads for JuliaMainly she eats the eyes, but there's good meat in the head as well, so we cook the whole thing.


Fish heads are very nice in sage butter.

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  1. My Dad was an avid fisherman, we scheduled our year around catfish fishing in the Rio Grande in the spring, trout fishing in Colorado in the summer and bass fishing from the stock ponds in the fall. Now that I’m grown I can appreciate the peace and tranquility that a fishing pole can bring.

  2. I just ended up here by following links. Gotta say the fish eyeballs grossed me out lol. But I like the rest of your posts so far 😀

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