Big Day


Two outdoor projects yesterday that had nothing to do with the Bedrooms Project:

1.  Install a lock on our bike rack.

2.  Take the training wheels off of Julia's bike.

IMG_6511_1 First was the lock…

Which was not as exciting to Julia as you might have thought. 

So she killed time hiding behind my car and jumping out when she thought I wasn't looking. 

IMG_6509 IMG_6510

That was fun.

At last it was time to get Julia's bike out of the garage.  She was happy to help with that.  Yay!

IMG_6512 IMG_6513

And here we go…


Julia inspects the handlebar tassles while Daddy works on the training wheel removal.


I'm not sure what he's talking to her about in this shot, but it seems very important, doesn't it?  Or very tiny.

IMG_6517   IMG_6518 IMG_6519 

Almost there, Julia, come here, your helmet's crooked.


That's better.


Time to get rid of these things once and for all.


Cuz' she's a Big Girl.

(And now, of course, it would be nice to have pictures of her riding the bike without the training wheels, but you'll have to wait for that installment – Bill really wanted me to film it with the little dvr camera we have (film it?  I'm so old-fashioned, huh?  I guess  I meant RECORD it.), so that's what I ended up doing, and she didn't actually take flight on her own – Bill ran around holding onto her shirt and one handlebar just to keep her from tipping over.  He said he could tell that a bit of the time she was riding on her own, but it's going to be a few more tries before she can go solo.

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  1. We took my daughters training wheels off this weekend as well! She was pretty excited and didn’t fall off. Most of that is because we put a Balance buddy gadget on the back. Now we have to teach her to keep her balance by herself. 🙂 Cute pictures!

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