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Evidence of My Mania

For the record, I was asked to bring an Italian rice pie or a cheesecake to Easter brunch at my cousin's house.

AN Italian rice pie or A cheesecake.

And this is what I baked today:


Pardon the mess.  I like to bake.  I don't so much like to clean.

Anyway.  Yes, that's eight of them.  Now, granted, they're ONLY 8" tarts…so…you know…that's not really a lot, now, is it?

Four are rice, by the way, and four were made with barley.  I'd found a recipe for a Neopolitan Easter Pie, and you could sub barley (which I had) for the wheat (which I didn't have), so that's what I made, and then I subbed rice for the wheat/barley in the recipe and made it that way for the others.  And so yeah, I have 8 Easter pies. 

Well, okay, now I only have 6.  I gave one to our neighbor next door, and one to the older couple across the street.  I also keep spying on our friends' house across the street so that as SOON as I see the other car pull in to the driveway, I can rush over and force a pie on them.  And that'll leave me with only 7.  If I keep one (which I have to – I already cut a slice to make sure it didn't taste awful.  It doesn't) then that'll leave me with 4…and I could just bring all four and "forget" to take the leftovers home with me.  There's a thought.

Anyway, I MIGHT be back later with the recipe for this pie, but I figure you've already got your plans all set for Easter, if you celebrate Easter, that is, and so my last-minute pie isn't going to change things.  At least I hope not.  You'll be baking all night!  Don't do it!  Resist!

I'm tired.  I'm pied out for now.  Talk to you later.

3 thoughts on “Evidence of My Mania

  1. O M G! Your site is amazing. Between the cooking and the eggs (oh the eggs! I have to learn how to do this!), just wonderful.

    I’m going to have to come back so I can fully explore your site!



  2. Wow. Can’t believe how many pies you made! I’d have been a total wreck by the end of it. They look great though! Would love the recipe!

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