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My April Fools

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Okay, and here's a little quiz for you for April Fool's Day. 

Which of these statements is NOT true?

1.  I impulsively bought a bicycle yesterday.

2.  We found a tick on Julia's head.

3.  Alex has joined a cult.

There you go – oh, and Facebook friends are disqualified, as they already know the answer.

Happy Foolish Day!

3 thoughts on “My April Fools

  1. Jen is correct – Alex IS too sensible to join a cult! Thank goodness! Julia, on the other hand, may grow up to LEAD one some day… but that’ll be a post for another time.

    And I actually DID buy a bike. It was pretty much an impulse buy at the time, with a bit of justification thrown in – the rest of the family all have bikes – I need one, too! Bill needs a new one, actually, so maybe that’ll happen, too. Alex is like lightning, and Julia will probably lose the training wheels before summer.

    Of course, once I bought the bike, the weather turned ugly. I think we may get sun again on Sunday. Fingers crossed.

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