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Project: Bedrooms – Update

First – a little note – I'm not going to be participating in Tuesdays with Dorie this week.  The house is currently like the inside of a snowglobe, only with sheetrock dust in place of snow, and honestly?  I'm not in the mood.  Terrible, I know.  And it's chocolate cream pie, too, which sounds lovely,  but I'm still going to pass.

There, done with my silly explanations.

The project is going to take longer than I'd thought.  Mainly because I hadn't really THOUGHT a whole lot about it to begin with.  I sort of thought, well, they'll put up a wall, knock down a bit of wall to make Alex's door, put up the sheetrock, and paint.  And then vacuum.


Yes, I was an innocent.

I kind of picked up on that when I asked Bill yesterday when he thought it would all be done, and his eyes bugged out and his tone became a blend of defensive incredulity.  Sorry, didn't mean to ruffle your dusty feathers.

Anyway, as a result, my silly notion that I could just move our stuff into the kids' room FOR THE WEEKEND was a bit…um…stupid.

So later today we'll be moving our boxspring and mattress down to the basement, which will be our interim bedroom until construction is complete.

I think I'm going to need to move a work table and sewing machine and some of my jewelry stuff down there too, as I'm currently without a workshop area now.

Anyway, I took some pictures of what's been done so far.  I realize now that it would have been even better if I'd taken shots BEFORE the sheetrock came down, but like I said earlier – stupid.

So just imagine sheetrock and wall where the jagged edges are.


That used to be wall, and the area behind it was our closet.  It's going to become the doorway to Alex's room and far portion of the closet will be restored to closetness.  See the little dinosaur on the wall?  He's wondering where his mother went.  We had a large stick-on T-rex on there, too, but she's been relocated.

IMG_6496 IMG_6498


A better view peeking through the busted down wall area.  To the left, you can also see the door frame for the bedroom.  That's going to come down and move back about 8 inches or so in order to A) allow enough space for a standard-sized door to Alex's room and B) so we can build a closet in the half that will be Julia's room.  It'll be to the left of her doorway. 

Scratchy is the site manager – he's just inspecting the work.  He likes to stay on top of the workers.


"Yep, everything looks okay so far."

You can see the beginning of the framing for the wall – we couldn't complete it because we needed to get our bed out of that far half of the bedroom and we needed space to maneuver.

IMG_6500 IMG_6501


Over there, in the image on the left, you can see the closet doors that were taken down, and the scraps that were removed from the closet area.

The other shot is from inside Alex's side of the room.  The eventual doorway for Alex's room is right there where Scratchy is walking, and the original doorway, which will be moved in, is to the right.  You can also see the very front and very back of Mama T-Rex from her temporary spot on that other hall wall.


Over there to the right of the door, where the ceiling slants – that's where Julia's closet is going to be.  There's still some furniture in there – we have nowhere else to put it.


Debris.  And clothes hangers.

IMG_6505 And that's a peek into the kids' current room. 

Those are the mattress and boxspring and bedframe for our bed…we're going to have to move it later today so Alex can get to his own bed.

Fortunately he slept over a friend's house last night and it didn't matter.

But it will tonight.

Anyway, that's the progress report. 

I heard Bill banging around upstairs while I was typing this, so I'm sure more stuff has been demolished.

My role, at the moment, is kind of peripheral – I moved most of the stuff out of our room, and I'll be trying to keep our lives running smoothly during the work week while everything is in chaos.

And once the walls are done and the dust has settled and disappeared into the vacuum cleaner, I'll paint the walls and trim and get the kids' bedrooms sorted out.  And make curtains.  Maybe quilts, too, if I get really ambitious.

But for now – it's time to mix up some lemonade for the demolition/construction team. 

It's almost eleven o'clock, and it's up to 80 already, according to the outdoor thermometer in the shade of my kitchen window.  Spring only stayed to visit – Summer is apparently moving right in. 

5 thoughts on “Project: Bedrooms – Update

  1. You are fortunate that you all can do the work. Even slow steady progress is better than sitting around twittling your thumbs waiting on the contracted folks. I spent almost a year getting new flooring and a new counter top after the kittens flood (they pushed up the kitchen faucet while I was at work). When everyone let me know it wasn’t their job to do baseboards I bought a saw and did it myself. Mind you I didn’t even have safety glasses. VERY BAD mistake!!

    Yesterday was my neices birthday and it snowed and blowed on the day she was born. She is still a stormy wonder. 🙂 So, I’m holding my breath that winter is over.

    Scratchy looks like a capable surveyor and keeping everyone straight. Good luck and enjoy! It’s always amazing when it’s done.

  2. Wow! That is a lot of work, but it’s going to look great I’m sure!

    Hey, have you thought about decals for the kids rooms (and yours too actually), I love Blik’s stuff but as we are renting Doc is nervous about doing anything at all to the walls. sigh.


    Anyway, I thought maybe you could talk Alex out of orange, if you could convince him it would be so much cooler to have a giant game of space invaders on one wall. The beauty being they are supposed to be really easy to remove. Cunning!

  3. How cool!  I’m definitely showing these to Alex.  And maybe we’ll compromise with one orange wall and decals on the rest.

  4. Tread carefully…. especially when the worker is married to you. Hubby and I have built a deck, remodeled both bathrooms, and the kitchen in the past 14 years in this house. Our last redo involved removing the world’s largest hearth to open up some of the floor space in the living room. Hubby is suffering from a massive head ache while beating the stuffing out of a truck load of bricks with a sledge hammer. During a break in the action he invites the neighbors over for dinner…. it was our 25th wedding anniversary, he’d forgotten. Our living room, kitchen and dining area are one huge room, covered in mortar and brick dust. It didn’t turn out pretty… harsh words… hurt feelings. Long story short, he said he wanted a divorce, the fireplace was finished, we didn’t get a divorce and 3 years later we found out he had a tumor in his head which was causing the head ache. We’re still married, happier than ever… I learned to leave the working men alone, just slam those sandwiches together and make plenty of tea. We contract work out now.

  5. Wow. That is quite a project. It will look great once it is done. Waiting it out is the hard part, believe me. Two words of advise, plastic sheeting. And lots of it. I learned the hard way how far and wide the dust and wallboard “powder” can reach. It finds it way all through the house. On everything. You can get rolls of plastic or large sheets at Home Depot in the paint section. Tape them up in the door ways and in the hall way. It is a bit of a pain pusing them aside every time you have to go in out out of the rooms but in the end it will save you. You’ll need lots of masking tape as the plastic like to fall down. Probably even more so with the kids and cats! Oh, and if Bill is anything like my husband, he won’t like the idea.

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