Shoes in Twos

One of the many things on my To Do (or To Try To Do) list yesterday was to clean the corner of the kitchen that houses all the coats, boots, shoes, hats, mittens and gloves, sports stuff and whatever else gets dumped there as children and husband come in the door.  (I, of course, never dump anything there.  Nope, not me!)

Julia was home and while I cleaned out the shoe bins and boot tray, I asked her to sort the shoes and boots into pairs. 

A bit later she summoned me to take a look at her work. 


(Please 'scuse the dirt – I cleaned all that up after the shoes went into their freshly cleaned-out bins.)

She was SO proud of her work – and the whole arrangement – that I took pictures.  First of the shoes, and then of her proud little face.


Oh, and yes, her shirt is on backwards.  I already told her.  "I know.  I like it that way!" is her response.  Every time.

4 thoughts on “Shoes in Twos

  1. (Wow! That freaked me out. I thought I’d already commented and didn’t remember. Not too many TracEys out there. Hi, other Tracey!)

    Okay, Jayne. You know what bums me out? That I can never meet you in person because I will eat your daughter. She is just TOO yummy. Look at that little face! Delicious.

    So, you know.

    Big bummer.

  2. Hahaha – it always freaks me out too – Now WHICH Tracey is this?  Oh, okay, it’s this one, not that one. 

    And as far as eating Julia?  Maybe I should work on a Julia-face cookie cutter….though that sounds rather creepy, doesn’t it?

    She’s got that sweet face for a VERY good reason.  It’s called SURVIVAL.  She’s not quite as cute when she’s growling and hissing at her brother and yelling “WELL YOU’RE STUPID!” just because he won’t play with her.  On second thought, Bill and I were both laughing about that the other day.  She’s so small…and yet she snarls and gnashes her teeth.  She’s kind of tasmanian devil-ish. 

    I would LOVE to meet you!  So, if there’s ever an opportunity, I’ll chance it.  Julia bites back.  🙂  But she also decorates cookies.

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