Standing Up

Last night Bill and Joe (nephew) were outside hitting a few balls around in the back yard while the pizza I made was in the oven. 

Julia wanted to go outside with them, so I said sure, and off she went. 

She's a funny mix of girly-girl and tomboy.  She wants to play with the boys – be they 6 feet tall or more, or her own size and carrying T-ball bats.  She wants in.  But she's also all about her My Pretty Ponies and her Barbies. 

Anyway, Julia went outside with the men, and I was in the kitchen, half listening, half making pizza.

And at one point I heard Joe say something, but I thought – no, that couldn't be what I heard.

But I'd heard Julia say "I have to go potty" as she ran from the back yard…and she didn't come inside.

Turns out I heard right. 

Joe had gone to retrieve one of the balls Bill had hit off to the side in our neighbor's yard…and as he rounded the truck, there was Julia. 

And she was peeing.

Neatly and tidily, too. 

Standing up.

8 thoughts on “Standing Up

  1. lol….I’m embarrassed to admit it, but my mom loves to tell a story of me doing the same thing when I was much, much younger. I don’t remember it so it couldn’t possibly be true, right?

  2. I’ve seen my daughter do the same thing. A skill lost after puberty, I’m assuming. I’ve bought we three girls a shewee which a small plastic spout to aid in peeing standing up for when we travel those countries with squat toilets. I don’t wear skirts, so it was an essential. Also, it’s darned weird to pee standing up and is a strange experience. Go Julia!

  3. Amen, Julia!!! We traveled back and forth to NJ so much when the kids were little, it was just about the first thing I taught Ceileidh. Any self-respecting woman needs to know how to stick her butt WAY out, grab the pants/undies and pull WAY forward, squat and go. The trick is to pull the pants out in a direct proportion as to how far your butt is sticking out. Ceileidh and Conor have peed on just about every place possible on I-95!! (as have I -hahaha!)

  4. Learn the Yoga posture “chair pose” at an early age… it also helps to hang onto a tree, branch, or bumper of a car and lean away from it. As usual Lyvvie can come up with the coolest gadgets. I’m going to check out the Shewee.

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