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TWD – Banana Cream Pie



Thank you, Amy – of Sing for Your Supper – for choosing this week's recipe – it was a HUGE hit in our house!


The brown sugar and the cinnamon in the pastry cream added such a marvelous depth of flavor, too.


Wonderful in combination with the bananas and the crisp, flaky crust. 


I didn't make the topping in the book – unfortunately I would have ended up eating most of it myself, and while that would have been a delicious undertaking, I chose just to whip some cream as needed.


I wasn't sure if Alex would like it at all (even if I left off the whipped cream) – he's funny about textures, and I thought maybe he wouldn't like the pastry cream.  But I was wrong – he ate all of the first piece and nearly all of the second!  Julia ate most of one piece – she's got a smaller stomach, after all, and that was plenty for her.  Bill LOVED it.  VERY MUCH.  VERY, VERY MUCH. 

And me?  Well, see that picture up there?  That's from the second batch of "slice of pie" pictures I've done for the pie.  Where do you think those slices went when I was done shooting?  Banana cream pie is especially lovely right after breakfast.  With that final cup of coffee.  Yum.

If you'd like the recipe for this pie, you can march your fingers right on over to Amy's site, or you can turn to pages 342-343 of Dorie's Baking:  From My Home to Yours.  And don't forget to meander through all the other TWD blogs for a wide variety of other pie-making adventures!


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  1. Nice! How great is it to find a recipe that surprisingly enough… everyone enjoys! That must be a mother’s dream huh!?

    Great pie, Jayne!

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