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Wow! And Welcome! And More Egg Pictures!

I took a look at my stats this morning, as I do every now and then, and OH MY!

I thought I needed more coffee or new glasses – where'd that really big number come from????? 

It was the eggs. 

Eggs like these.


And these.


And also these.


So I just wanted to give a HUGE welcome to all the new visitors to my site who have arrived from places like Ohdeedoh and Lifehacker and The Presurfer and anywhere else that featured or linked to my post about coloring Easter Eggs


I'm delighted to see that – for the most part – people have gotten just as much of a kick out of these eggs as my kids and I and the rest of my family have!

And since I can't, at the moment, get enough of them, I'll spend the rest of this post subjecting you (if you stick around) to more pictures.

I made a batch with my kids (as you probably figured out from the small hand in the picture above), and they had a great time cracking all the eggs and later peeling them to reveal the crackley colors.


One of the fun things is that the color on the outside of the egg isn't always the color you're going to see under the shell.



I admit I've become a bit obsessed.


I spent a good chunk of Friday just taking pictures of eggs.



They just lend themselves to all sorts of fun picture ideas…









After all that (and of course, there were a lot more pictures that didn't make the cut), the eggs were rather the worse for wear.  I tossed them the next morning. 

And made a newer, smaller batch so I could test another way of coloring them.

This time around I hard boiled them as usual, cracked the shells as usual, BUT instead of putting the cracked eggs in mugs or bowls of hot colored water, I just dissolved the gel colors in cold water, put the eggs in the mugs of colored water, and put everything in the fridge. 


They stayed there overnight,


and the next morning,


when I peeled them,


they were just as nice as the other batches I'd made. 



And even better, they were totally safe to eat. 

I sliced each egg in half and popped the yolks into a bowl.  I placed the whites (or reds or greens, etc) cut side down on a piece of paper towel to dry off a bit while I mixed mayo, mustard, salt, and pepper with the yolks.  Then I filled a piping bag with the yolk mixture and piped it back into the whites. 



Ta-da!  Totally wild deviled eggs!  Next time around I'll cook a few extra eggs or use a couple less whites so there's a greater proportion of yolk mixture to white, and the filling will mound up more and look more inviting.  To me, anyway.  And maybe top them with some chopped chives for a bit more color and texture.  Or not.  There seems to be plenty of color!








55 thoughts on “Wow! And Welcome! And More Egg Pictures!

  1. Hi Devin,

    Glad you like the eggs. Ive heard that hard cooking eggs in the oven (each egg in the well of a muffin tin) yields eggs that are easier to peel, but I havent tried it myself so I cant say for certain. Not sure what to tell you on the peeling – sometimes I have a hard time peeling them, other times I dont. What kind of food coloring set-up did you use? I cant really help unless I have a few more details….

  2. Just beautiful. Great idea. I will be making some if these with my 11yr old son for sure. Like I said, BEAUTIFUL. Love the way they came out and it will make beautiful dishes when serving your guests. Than you so very much for sharing that. Just love it. Will be sharing it around where I live for sure.

  3. I don’t understand how you did the one with the two different colors. The pink one with the blue insides. Can’t wait to try them…but I would like to be “daring” and try this one.

  4. Hi Kelly,

    To be honest, I don’t understand how I did them either. I was really surprised when we peeled some (like those pink ones) only to discover a completely different color inside. I used gel coloring – Wilton brand – and all I can think of is that different colors are combined to make the colors on the label, and so maybe some of those colors are pushier than others, so they make it to the egg white while others just stay on the shell.

    I know it’s no answer, but it’s all I’ve got. So just go ahead and be daring! Who knows what colors you’ll get!

    Oh, and in the interest of the health of the world, I have to say now that food coloring isn’t good for you and natural dyes from things like onion skin and red cabbage are healthier options. I haven’t tried them – haven’t done the crackle eggs in a while – but there are a lot of websites out there with fabulous posts about using natural dyes. Either way – have fun!!

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