Yay, Ray!

Just wanted to give a big cheer to my nephew, Ray, who ran the Boston Marathon today. 

His official time was 3:10:47, which was 2871 overall (out of 22849 who finished), 2688 in his gender (out of 13547 men who finished), and 1833 in his division, which was the 18-39 age group, 10004 who finished, 4981 of whom were male.

I think I got all that right, toggling back and forth between different stat pages….

But regardless of the number – he ran the whole marathon, every step of the 26.2 miles, and that, all by itself, is phenomenal, inspiring, and just plain awesome. 

As Alex wrote on a sign to cheer his cousin on – Go Go Go Ray!

3 thoughts on “Yay, Ray!

  1. Thanks, I had a blast! And thanks for the place to stay, as well as the awesome food. Looking forward to coming back in a few months!

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