Scallion and Red Onion Pancakes with Ginger Dipping Sauce


Or you can use chives…just scallions, just red onions, shallots, or whatever combination you want.

The recipe isn't mine – I found it on the Food Network website – from an episode of East Meets West with Ming Tsai.  If you want a copy of the recipe, here it is.  I pretty much followed it exactly except that I used a combination of the baby scallions and the young red onions. 

The first time I made these I used wild chives that were growing in among the horseradish and the asparagus.  I didn't take pictures, though.  And they were so good, I knew I'd need to make them again and this time TAKE PICTURES.

So here we go.

Baby Cardinal

The other day Bill and I were outside looking at the gardens and cursing whatever creature had the nerve to chomp two baby tomato plants.  Well, Bill was doing the cursing.  I was sipping my coffee like a civilized person and listening to all the different birds chirping in the surrounding trees.

And then I saw a flash of red go by me and into the overgrown hedge that leans into our yard from our neighbor's yard.  I heard movement in there – a busy fluttery sound – and as I stared at the branches, I figured out what was going on.

No, You’re Not Losing Your Mind

That's MY job. But anyway, I'm doing some rearranging on this here site. It's probably because I feel so cramped and crowded in the house right now, and there's nowhere to PUT ANYTHING other than wherever I shoved it when we started working on the bedrooms – I need to get rid of clutter somewhere. Continue reading “No, You’re Not Losing Your Mind”

More Thrilling Bedrooms Project Pictures!!!

  Last Friday I was probably sanding down dried joint compound and then applying another layer of the stuff to the various seams in the sheetrock when Julia wandered up to join me.  She stepped into the space above and asked what it was and I told her it would eventually be her closet. Innumerable shopping spreesContinue reading “More Thrilling Bedrooms Project Pictures!!!”

A Song To Sing While Working on the Bedrooms

I'm sure you can figure out the melody on your own.  I am not a musician and I can't write music.  I've just got an English degree, and so I CAN write some mean lyrics when I've a mind to. Ready? The……blade all full of joint compound goes slap slap slap/slap slap slap/slap slap slap/theContinue reading “A Song To Sing While Working on the Bedrooms”