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Scallion and Red Onion Pancakes with Ginger Dipping Sauce


Or you can use chives...just scallions, just red onions, shallots, or whatever combination you want.

The recipe isn't mine - I found it on the Food Network website - from an episode of East Meets West with Ming Tsai.  If you want a copy of the recipe, here it is.  I pretty much followed it exactly except that I used a combination of the baby scallions and the young red onions. 

The first time I made these I used wild chives that were growing in among the horseradish and the asparagus.  I didn't take pictures, though.  And they were so good, I knew I'd need to make them again and this time TAKE PICTURES.

So here we go.


Baby Cardinal

The other day Bill and I were outside looking at the gardens and cursing whatever creature had the nerve to chomp two baby tomato plants.  Well, Bill was doing the cursing.  I was sipping my coffee like a civilized person and listening to all the different birds chirping in the surrounding trees.

And then I saw a flash of red go by me and into the overgrown hedge that leans into our yard from our neighbor's yard.  I heard movement in there - a busy fluttery sound - and as I stared at the branches, I figured out what was going on.