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Another Exciting Bedrooms Update – Only Now it’s REALLY Getting Exciting!

This is how things looked Saturday morning, before the big weekend push began…


This is the framing for Julia's closet, as seen through the electrical wires that now run through the wall framing in between the two rooms.

The far "wall" of the closet ends before the actual wall of the house, just because it angles down and we'd have to send search-and-rescue dogs in to find anything tucked that far back in her closet.  So instead, she'll have a lovely little nook over there.

I love nooks.

I wish I was her and this was going to be my new room….


And speaking of the wall, there's the framing for it, with wires criss-crossing throughout, and light switches and outlets installed for both rooms.

There's still that hole in Julia's ceiling, but if you look closely, you can see that new insulation has been installed, so it's ready for sheet rock.

That's Bill in the front left part of the picture, and you can see part of Joe in the back right area.

And you can also see lots of lovely debris and dust everywhere.

I like it.



And speaking of STUFF HAPPENING, here's Bill putting in a strip of sheet rock in the little space where the doorframe to the big bedroom used to be.

Yay!  Go, Bill!


Here, to represent time passing, is a shot of my insane children playing in the new pool, which has FREEZING COLD WATER in it because the water hasn't been in there long enough to warm up, but my children don't care.  It is a pool, and they are going IN. 

Of course, this shot was taken BEFORE Joe came over on Saturday to do anything, but I didn't take any pictures later that day or on Sunday, so this one will have to do.

Back to the rooms…

I just took these pictures this morning – walls are up, and Bill started applying joint compound to all the seams and screws last night…

First up, the view as you walk up the stairs.  This is the doorway to Alex's room, and partway in you can see the wall of his closet as well.


IMG_7003 IMG_7004


This is a better view of Alex's closet (to the left). 

Those pieces of wood are pieces of baseboard and molding that will be reattached to the walls after all the construction is done.


A bit of self congratulations from our master builder…

And below – Alex's response.


It's supposed to read "Joe smells" but with the "J" backwards it looks like "Toe smels" – which is probably true.  Alex wrote with a Sharpie, so as you can see, it's going to take a few layers of joint compound and primer to make it go away.


Anyway, this is the new wall – or wall and a bit – in Alex's room…


And there's his little "Finding Nemo" switch plate. 

See?  Doesn't it look like a real room now??


This is a view into Julia's room…there's another little nook at the back there, just beyond the new wall.

I love the nooks.

Her light switch glows a bit in the dark.


Here's a better view of the nook.

For those of you who are also fond of nooks in rooms.


And here's a kind of blurry shot of the opposite corner of Julia's room, where some of the furniture has been shoved.  We don't know where else to put it at the moment, so here it is.

And finally… sharp nails sticking out of the door frame that was originally the door frame to our bedroom and will eventually be the door frame to either Julia's or Alex's room.  I cut the back of my hand on one of these nails. 

Sorry, no blood to see.


And that's the update.

Today I'll be sanding down the dried and hardened joint compound and getting it ready for the next layer.  I actually kind of like applying the joint compound – it's a bit like frosting a cake.

4 thoughts on “Another Exciting Bedrooms Update – Only Now it’s REALLY Getting Exciting!

  1. Nooks are cool… right now they can be secret club houses for your kids, later on they become desks or a vanity for a girly girl. Then they become a book shelf or entertainment center. Nooks are so cool.

  2. Alexis loves and I mean LOVES cold water! The water she likes is so cold it would make me break out in goosebumps all over! She’s be right there jumping in! 🙂

  3. I wish I had Alex around to write stuff on my walls for me when we were redoing our house… If I had to see one more Joe is Great, I was going to strangle the master carpenter.

  4. You’d have “joe smels” forever, then.  The sharpie is bleeding through every layer of joint compound so far. I know there’s other stuff to cover it, but part of me is thinking maybe we can just hang a picture over it and keep the words there as some kind of keepsake from the whole experience…

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