Friday Morning

Yesterday was Julia's last day of daycare/preschool.  I was going to keep her in until Alex gets out of school toward the end of June, but lately I've been changing my mind a bit, and I finally decided that it's just not worth going that far out of my way to bring her there three days a week for just five hours each day.  It's fifteen minutes each way, and while she's had a great experience there, it's a whole hour out of my day that, lately, could be better spent sanding joint compound or applying new stuff.  Or doing the laundry or dishes or ANYTHING.

She will be starting kindergarten in the fall anyway, and she's certainly on target with her knowledge of letters and numbers and all that stuff.  We'll work with her through the summer, just like we've done every summer with both of them, on writing and spelling and so forth, but as far as this "school year" goes, Julia's done.

And today is Friday, so she wouldn't be going in anyway.  Best of all, she and I will head to the local Farmers' Market after we drop off Alex at school.  Yay!

We went to another market last Saturday, at Casey Farm in Saunderstown.  I'd wanted to go to last year but just didn't get there.  They offer a few different types of meat – beef, lamb, and pork – that aren't available at the one I go to nearby, so I'm thinking I'll head to Casey Farm once a month or so and hit the local one, at Goddard Park, on the usual weekly basis.  But of course, all that is subject to change according to my whims, of course.

Julia's looking forward to getting honey sticks…I'm looking forward to fresh eggs.  I also have to look for a four-pack each of peppers and tomatoes, to replace what's been chomped this year. 

After that, it'll be back to work on the bedrooms.  I'll be honest, I'm getting sick of the sight of joint compound and sheetrock and all that stuff.  I want to PAINT.  I'm looking forward to making Alex and Julia's bedrooms look like their own little personal spaces.  My brain is bubbling with ideas…but unfortunately, I have to deal with the less fanciful stuff first.

And the sooner that part is done, the sooner I can add splashes of color!

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