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More Pictures from the Bedrooms Project

IMG_6906 IMG_6908 Yippee!  I do believe the wiring is now complete.

Each bedroom has a light switch connected to an overhead light.

Each bedroom will have, along this wall-to-be, two sets of outlets.

These, in addition to the pre-existing outlets on the outer walls of the room(s).


And that means that the holes in the ceiling in Julia's room and the little hole in the wall in our dining room right above the breaker box can be patched and covered and no longer the little eyesores they have been.




Next up – framing Julia's closet.  I think. 

But before that – some much-needed vacuuming and a fun trip to the landfill. 

Woo hoo!!!

One thought on “More Pictures from the Bedrooms Project

  1. LOL, you used the word eyesore….. bless your heart. I know you want it all to be done. If you’re like me, 3 years from now, you’ll think back on this eyesore and the dust and you’ll throw out all thoughts of remodeling anything in your house.

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