My Baby Girl is Five

Yesterday was Julia's birthday.  We didn't have a party – we're going to do that sometime late next month after (fingers crossed) all the construction mess from the bedrooms is cleared and the kids' rooms are painted and set up.  We'll have a double birthday party for both Alex and Julia, since Alex's birthday is in a few weeks.

And to prevent any hard "i don't wanna share my birthday with her/him" feelings, I promised to make them EACH a cake, and I told Alex he doesn't have to play with Julia's friends.  That seemed to work.

Anyway, it is a cliche, but it is true – I can't believe Julia's five.  In some ways, she's been beyond five for ages anyway…but in other ways…I'm still sleep-deprived from her infant-hood.  It is thanks to Julia that I got to see late inning excitement when the Sox were in the playoffs in 2004, so I can't complain TOO much.  It was pretty cool, just the two of us downstairs, me glued to the tv and her glued…well, latched on, I guess…to me.


It was funny yesterday – at some point it actually hit home with Julia that she had turned five.  For real.  She looked so surprised. 

For dinner last night I made her favorite – macaroni and cheese (not from a box).  I thought briefly of going to the local fishmonger and asking for assorted fish heads, so Julia could feast on all the eyes, but I skipped that.  Fresh caught is best.

The very best thing about yesterday morning (to me) was that Alex was INCREDIBLY nice and sweet to Julia.  That ended after school when we didn't have time to play on the playground because Julia had gymnastics and Alex pitched a little fit and cursed the day gymnastics was created (or something like that), but that was over eventually and he was pretty decent to his little sister for the rest of the day.  Except at T-ball practice when she punched him in the balls.  I didn't see this – Bill told me about it.  She also was a little over-zealous in her fielding, resorting to fighting other (smaller or younger or more docile) kids and wresting the ball from their little fingers so SHE could throw to first.

I've started thinking she needs to play a different sport.  Extreme fighting comes to mind.

But anyway, here are a couple of pictures I took of the birthday girl yesterday morning before school.  She's wearing her clip-on princess earrings and holding her new mama elephand and baby elephant – the elephants are from her brother.



Happy Birthday Baby Girl.

8 thoughts on “My Baby Girl is Five

  1. Happy Birthday Julia! That explains why I like this child so much (I like her brother too…), she’s a Taurus like Me! And a Red Sox fan on top of it!!!

  2. Happiest of birthdays, Miss Julia!! What a great kid. And I’m the expert on great kids, ‘cuz I have three great kids myself and I know what I’m talking about.

  3. I know!  I wonder if Jean and Pat know what they’re in for? 🙂  Happy Belated Birthday to you, too, Beth!!!

  4. Happy birthday, Julia!! I know how you feel, Jayne. I keep looking at Brianna and wondering how she could possibly be finishing kindergarten in just over a week. How quickly the time flies…

  5. Ooooooh, urge to eat your child rising!!

    But I suppose I’ll calm down and let her get to six. She is just precious, Jayne. Happy birthday to her!!

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