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No, You’re Not Losing Your Mind

That's MY job.

But anyway, I'm doing some rearranging on this here site.

It's probably because I feel so cramped and crowded in the house right now, and there's nowhere to PUT ANYTHING other than wherever I shoved it when we started working on the bedrooms – I need to get rid of clutter somewhere.  And since I can't really do that in my house, then I will do it here.

I've taken all those recipes and food posts that used to line the right column of my blog and created a sort of book format for them.  Heh heh.  All you have to do is click either on the "Glorious Food – Recipes and Stories" button on the navigation bar just below my banner, OR you can click on the little badge that looks like this: 

Cover page final  

At the moment it's over toward the top of the right column, but that could change as I continue on my quest to streamline my little bloggy world here.

You just click on that button and it will bring you to the same image, only larger, and you click on that and you'll be brought to the table of contents.  From there you just click and go.  Within the categories I've got links to the recipes AND a handy-dandy picture for almost all of them as well.  You know, because we eat first with the eyes.

I predict there will be a couple of other changes – I'm working toward a less cluttered look…maybe just two columns eventually, instead of three.  We'll see. 

Anyway, I hope it doesn't send you all screaming for the hills.  I know some people don't like change.  I don't always, either.  But I'm not thinking of this as change as much as I am viewing it as reorganizing

At least there's no dust to contend with in here.


3 thoughts on “No, You’re Not Losing Your Mind

  1. Ooh! I like that idea very much, in fact have you considered using http://www.blurb.com/ to actually publish a recipe book? The nice thing about Blurb is that you can order a single copy (or more) but then other peopl;e can also buy their own copies directly from Blurb’s on-line bookshop. I certainly wouldn’t mind a Barefoot Cook Book!

    Also, on the blog redesign, I think I read on the Typepad main page that webpages load left to right. This means that if you have external content in the left hand column then your central column has to wait for those third party materials to load before the central column loads. If you put stuff that is generated by your blog, like categories and archives, then your central column should load faster.

    Does that fit in with the new vision, or should I not have mentioned it?

  2. Wow – I should just consult with you before I do anything!  I mean it – I didn’t know that about Typepad loading left to right – that’s something to definitely keep in mind as I reorganize it.  And I didn’t know about Blurb either.  Hm!  I think I need to proofread a bit better before I do anything.  But that could be a pretty cool project. 

    Thank you, Jen!!

  3. Ha ha ha! Happy to help, but I wouldn’t say I’m an expert!

    One of our students used Blurb to print her honors thesis,and the quality was really good! It looked like a lovely glossy coffee table book, I was really impressed because I’d heard of them before but wondered what the finished books would be like.

    With the blog design stuff, I find the typepad knowledge base thing really useful, although I have to have open up a couple of screens when I’m experimenting so I can read the instructions whilst I’m messing around with codes and templates.

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