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Another Exciting Bedrooms Update – Only Now it’s REALLY Getting Exciting!

This is how things looked Saturday morning, before the big weekend push began... This is the framing for Julia's closet, as seen through the electrical wires that now run through the wall framing in between the two rooms. The far "wall" of the closet ends before the actual wall of the house, just because it… Continue reading Another Exciting Bedrooms Update – Only Now it’s REALLY Getting Exciting!


Gone Fishin’

Okay, this was last weekend, actually.  On Saturday morning Bill took the kids fishing.  It was raining and kind of cold at the time, so they didn't stay as long as they might have otherwise - the kids' hands were getting cold and it just wasn't an enjoyable experience.


Julia caught the one and only fish - a very nice yellow perch.  She was very proud of herself.


Frighteningly proud.


And now, you may ask, how did you cook it, Jayne?  How did it taste?  Did Julia eat the eyes?

Well, since it was just the one fish, we figured we'd just let the kids eat it.  Bill started cleaning it while I took pictures of Alex being silly (I'll post those another day).  But when Bill began to fillet the perch, he noticed what at first looked like eggs that had burst from their sac.  But they looked flat...kind of like red pepper flakes, only without the red.  And the thing was, they were all IN the flesh.  Not in the cavity like eggs should be.

Upon closer examination (and if you're squeamish, or eating, right now, you may want to read this later, or skip to another blog altogether)....