Tonight's another Work On the Bedrooms night.  Tomorrow I'm planning to bring 89 tons of debris to the landfill tomorrow morning.  I tried making it sound exciting to Julia, since I'll have her with me, but she wasn't falling for it.

Julia likes playing shallow infield at t-ball – that way she has more opportunities to get the ball and throw to first.  During the first "inning" at practice last night, she batted well and ran fast, but she was put in center field, kind of, when the other half of the group was up to bat, and she was, apparently, so bored that she sat down in the grass, her back to the infield, and picked dandelions.

Alex is having a blast at t-ball this year – he gets to play first a lot, and he's hitting really well (for a little kid), which is great for his confidence level. 

The pollen in the air and the dust from the construction have everyone (except me, for some reason) coughing and sniffling. 

I think I'm going through some sort of manic creative phase.  Except can someone tell me why I can't just pick a damn hobby and stick with it?  why must i keep wanting to do something ELSE!  something NEW!  this will be THE thing for me!   But I like ALL of my creative outlets.  I wish there were more of me so each of me could focus on one thing.  And another me could do the housework stuff.  And another of me could take naps in the afternoon.  I think I'll be THAT me.

I still have to post this week's Tuesdays with Dorie post.  I have the images all ready to go.  Just need to add words to them.  But I keep doing other stuff. 

Like this rambling post. 

So, how are things with you?

One thought on “Snippets

  1. Tsk tsk, I am backtracking your posts, as I haven’t been over for a few days. I get a distinct feeling of head>>wall here, or am I imagining it?

    Please take it a bit easier, we your readers have got ever so fond of you (even from a distance, I know, it is mad, but it really DOES seem like I know and like you ever so ) and we do care that you take good care of yourself.

    {{{more hugs than before}}}

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