Softie, in Her Newest Spots

First, there was this…


Yes, it's an unused accordian file on the floor in our music/computer room.  Her hind legs are in the 23rd of the month, her left front leg is in, I'd guess, the 5th of the month. 


I have no idea why, except that she's a cat.  And that pretty much explains everything.

And then, there was this.  I was in the kitchen, rounding the corner to go put a flattened cereal box over in our overflowing recycle area, and this is what I saw:






Howdy, Neighbor.  Now leave me alone.  I was sleeping.

5 thoughts on “Softie, in Her Newest Spots

  1. She looks so much like our long departed Ellie Mae…. Ellie loved boxes too and could care less about conventional Kitty contraptions. She did however commandeer the antique doll bed, we could say to her “Ellie Mae it’s time for bed.” She would run from the living room into the bedroom and jump in the doll bed, and lay there with the same look Softie has… “now leave me alone.”

  2. ah! you should submit these pics to Cuteoverload! they have a Box-hab category!!!!

  3. I love the kitty photos! My TomTom loves getting into mischief in our office and also loves any box! I just want to know, is that a real lizard???

  4. Hahaha – I had to go back and look at the pictures, because we DO have a lizard, but he lives in a tank.  The thing you see on the floor is a rubbery-plastic toy alligator belonging to my son.

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