Sparkley and Clean

IMG_7029 Some time last week I came across this sight in the bathroom on the main floor.

We've moved the kids' toothbrushes and so forth to this bathroom while all the work is going on upstairs. 

As I'm typing this I'm trying to remember why we did that.  I mean, we didn't move our own toothbrushes or other personal items downstairs – just the kids'.  So it isn't to prevent us all from having to brush our teeth with wallboard dust or anything, because we'd certainly want to avoid that ourselves, and not just protect the kids from the dust….  I'm at a loss.  Ah well. 

Anyway, one morning, after the kids had brushed their teeth and gotten dressed and were playing in the basement, I saw this mess.

Of course, I kind of had an inkling as to who was responsible, but in order to avoid an accusation of age/gender/personality profiling, I hollered to both of them.  "WHO DID THIS ON THE BATHROOM MIRROR??!!"  And then, to save time, I followed that up with "JULIA???!!!"

And she freely admitted it and seemed puzzled by my tone.  In fact, she seemed proud.

"I made it all sparkley and clean!" she told me. 


That's the same description she uses after she's put her toothbrush away and finished spitting.  She comes to wherever I am and bares her tiny, newly scrubbed, fake-watermelon-flavored teeth so I can see for myself and approve her efforts.

And so I thanked her, and praised her hard work, and sent her back to play.

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