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The Bedroom Projects – Update

Let's see…well, the most recent events have included getting the electrical wiring sorted out for the bedrooms-t0-be.  What should have been a relatively straightforward process was NOT because whoever rigged all original wiring for this house either LIKED to make things more complicated than they needed to be or just wanted to mess with future owners.  Also, the insulation in the house is a nightmare to deal with.  It's not the kind you buy buy the roll – nice and neat to work with.  No – it's like cheap fiber filling in an old cheap stuffed animal.  It was clearly just sprayed into all the house cavities and sealed up behind sheet rock and plaster.  When Bill cut a hole in the ceiling of Julia's room, a ton of the stuff just poured out onto the floor. 


That's the hole, and you can see some of the insulation over on the left, or clinging to the rough edges of the wood.  Awful stuff.  He got it all cleaned up that night, and the next morning there was a fresh pile of it on the floor. 


You can see some of the stuff on the floor in this shot – and see those bags?  Mostly insulation.


IMG_6817 I cleaned up that mess and taped large trash bags over the hole in the ceiling to catch any more insulation escapees.

On a less itchy and annoying note, in this shot to the left you can see the new framing for what will be Alex's closet.

It's actually the left end of what used to be the double-sized closet Bill and I had.

So the left side here will be Alex's closet, and to the right is the entryway to Alex's room.

Now that all the wiring is ready to go, I think the next step is to patch up the ceiling in Julia's room and build her closet. 

And once all the framing for that is done, it'll be time to put up sheet rock and make some walls.

And then certain sections will need plaster in order to match up with the original plaster…and then…painting?  Finally?

And after painting – move in?

NO!  What were you thinking?  No, after painting, we move EVERYTHING on the second floor – yes E V E R Y T H I N G – off of the hardwoods so we can redo the floors.  It's the perfect time to do it – we're already living in chaos, so why not?  Bill's got a friend/coworker who has the sanding machine you use to do this sort of job, and so we'll borrow that and do the sanding, and then polyurethane the floors and go live somewhere else for a few days while it dries and hopefully none of the animals will perish from the fumes.

Then we'll put everything back where it belongs, and on another weekend we'll move everything – again, yes E V E R Y T H I N G, from the main floor (that's dining room, living room, hall and music/computer room – to somewhere else in the house and do the rest of the floors.  And the we can put the house back in order and I THINK that will be it for the time being. 

Anyway, that's the update, for those of you who are interested!

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  1. What a huge project! I can’t wait to see the photos once the two bedrooms (and the floors!) are finished though. I’m sure you can’t wait until the moment when everything’s not so chaotic anymore either haha.

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