Things Tugging

So much to do, so little time, and only one of me….

Well, okay, it's not ALL on my shoulders, but there's STILL a lot to do – stuff to do with the bedrooms, normal household stuff, kid stuff, more household stuff, trying to find stuff because it's all crammed everywhere other than normal places because of the bedrooms project…on and on.

Thank goodness we are doing this project in the spring.  The kids' play areas in the house are becoming scarce (scarse?  no, it's definitely scarce…though neither one looks right to me because SOMEWHERE IN THIS HOUSE I HAVE LOST THE ABILITY TO SPELL) and so they're stuck with each other even more than usual, and it's getting on everyone's every last nerve.  Okay, not always, but there seem to be more flare-ups of "Well HE did – " and "Well SHE said – " than usual…but maybe it just seems that way because there are fewer places for me to hide.  heh heh.  did i just type that?

And other things…things that i don't go into here, but that take up a lot of space in my mind and heart…things that I can't do a damn thing about and it's a horrible, frustrating feeling.

Plus I've cooked several things that were fabulous over the weekend, but – I TOOK NO PICTURES! – because…I just didn't think of it in time or didn't feel like it once I thought of it.  I'm in some sort of foodie slump, I think. 

Today's plans include – woo hoo! – another trip to the landfill to get rid of debris from the bedrooms project.  Did I tell you that last week when I went I almost fell into a dumpster?  Now THAT would have been entertaining!

I also need to take more pictures and post them, because YAY – the walls are UP and the ceiling is PATCHED and there are now, officially, two bedrooms where there once was one.  It's fabulous.  In my mind I can see them finished and looking cozy and fun.  It's still going to be a while before that's the reality, but having a wall and the closets done is a big step in the "done" direction.

Now that I think about it, I also have a few loads of laundry to do.  Since we have no access to closets or bureaus, we are living from our laundry baskets, and it behooves me (I just wanted to type "behooves") to keep on top of the laundry because if I don't, the piles of dirty laundry take over our sleeping area in the basement and it's just ugly. 

But for now?  Time to get moving.  It's Monday.  Back to the work/school week routine! 

Have a good week! 

2 thoughts on “Things Tugging

  1. I hope you don’t mind but when I seen your recipe for pizza dough and all the steps you show. I put your name on my blog under my grilled pizza recipe so readers can see another way to make pizza dough. I took your idea about the olive oil and it worked great.

    I usually check out your blog at least once every few days. You post a lot of great recipes, not that I try most of them…but I might someday.

    Thanks Terry

  2. Oh I do really do feel for you… you think you have to just keep being cheerful no matter what don’t you?

    But it is OK to kvetch on here, and just have a moan you know, then you can pick yourself up and get on with it all. Because, no matter which way up you put it you are under a huge amount of stress, and we certainly don’t want to see you cracking under the strain of whether or not you took enough pix to keep us all happy.

    Make sure you have your own play space as well, even if it is only inside your mind {{{{huge hugs}}}}

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