And What a Very Pretty Hat

Lately Julia has discovered the fun of pressing the button that lowers her window (I was going to say "of rolling down her window," but I guess that would be me showing my age?) and, as I drive her home from daycare, hollering "HI!" out the open window to anyone we pass. 

Some fuddy duddy part of me things she shouldn't be doing this, so I try to shush her, but it's not so effective when I'm laughing at the same time.

Earlier today I had some errands to run.  Julia was with me, and we were at a red light at in intersection when she bellowed "HEY GUY – NICE MOTORCYCLE!"

My head whipped around and fortunately the window was shut.  I also didn't see anyone on a motorcycle.  But I guess she'd seen one go by. 

Anyway, among my errands, I had to pick up a few things at the grocery store.  I tend to start at the produce end and work my way to the other end – that's how I write out my lists.  HowEVER, I am used to the OTHER store I go to, and this one isn't laid out quite the same, so I ended up having to go all the way back to the produce section again, because in THIS store, that's also where the in-store bakery is.

Exciting stuff, I know.

Anyway, I'm looking at all the breads and rolls, trying to find what I wanted for tonight, and Julia is sitting in the kid seat of the shopping cart.

And suddenly I hear her call to another customer.

Now – I will pause here, because you have to hear this in your head a certain way.  Hers was not the sweet little girly voice you might imagine.  It had a more sullen, sneering tone, but not quite that mean – kind of a midpoint between mockery and apathy and sullenness.  Like a teenager on a happy day.

And the target?  All I saw was the back of a little old lady as she pushed her cart toward the frozen fish.

"Hey, nice lipstick!"

I don't know where this comes from.  I was not at ALL like this.  I wasn't.

7 thoughts on “And What a Very Pretty Hat

  1. OH my sides hurt…. that is so funny. Can she come stay at my house for the summer? Tell her I have a convertible and we drive around with the top down all the time. I’ll teacher her my daughter’s favorite thing to do. She shouts “Put ya top down, Fool!” at other convertible drivers who have their tops up on a nice days.

  2. How cute! My 17 month old makes me feel like we are in a parade when we go anywhere in a cart as she feels the need to wave and say “HI” to EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE we pass in the store, and then she’ll turn around and wave “Bye” to them until we meet the next lucky person!! It’s cute, until my 4 year old will add on “Hey MOM, That was a big lady!” or some comment like that! Kids…gotta love ’em!

  3. Thanks, Jayne, I really needed a good laugh. =) I remember my mom telling me about how she realized that she had to watch what she was saying while driving with me in the car. I apparently shouted at another driver (with the windows up, fortunately) one of her favorite sayings–“Where’d you get your license–out of a Cracker Jack box?!” *laugh*

  4. Glad to give you the laugh!  I have to watch my own mouth when I’m driving.  Most of the time I’m pretty G-rated, but when I’m in the car, and other drivers are driving like idiots, a very different vocabulary bubbles to the surface.  One unfortunate day Julia politely asked me “Mommy, what’s a D***head?”  I’m sure my own mother will be proud to read that….

  5. LOL…. and when the kids get to the age for Driver’s Ed you’ll want to do it yourself, for fear they say things in class that you’ve been saying all this time. Tell Julia I’ll have all Jolea’s Beanie Babys and Barbies waiting when she gets here.

  6. …apparently you’re not remembering the younger you like the rest of us do…..
    excellent story, btw.

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