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And Now, In Living Technicolor…


That's three layers of color you see on those walls.  The base coat was the middle shade, then I sponged over that with the darker shade, and finally, after dinner last night, I sponged over that layer with the lightest shade, which is also the ceiling color.


I'd painted the window frame with the ceiling color, too, and then I sponged over that with the very dark and then again with the ceiling color. 


Sorry – this one's kind of blurry.  This is in the closet.  I painted the kids' hands with the ceiling color and had them put their handprints all over the lower wall.  Those big hands you see are mine.  Bill didn't want paint on his hands, so he didn't participate in our little art project.


And, because I'm such a free spirit and all, I sponged up on to the ceiling, too, with the dark blue and then the light, all around the whole room.  Just a little bit here, maybe a bit more there, and also I sponged a loop around the light fixture, which I forgot to photograph earlier.  

There's still painting to do – I haven't done the baseboards or the door frames – because we still need to put them in place.  I'll save that part for after all the trim is done. 


We can put the kids' mattresses in there TONIGHT, and move our mattress back upstairs so we're not camping out in the basement any more.


I'll be back later with – yes, really – the puff pastry post.  It's nearly ready.  Woo hoo! 

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