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Farmers’ Market Friday


Here's the haul from today.

I got eggs, rhubarb and more goats' milk from the Honey Stick Man.

I got that pretty purple kohlrabi and some of the above strawberries from Ledge Ends Produce, and the rest of the strawberries from Schartner's Farm, which is in Exeter, RI. 

And the candy (no, it's not soap – look closer) is from Ocean State Chocolates

Julia and I sampled a bit of the candy when we got home.

First the one she picked out – the Key Lime Pie Fudge –


I know, it doesn't look like much, but it tasted an awful lot like key lime pie.  It's even got little bits of graham cracker throughout, so you get the total experience.  All that's missing is some whipped cream. 


Julia had two pieces.

Next up – the Chipotle Pecan Caramel Fusion Bar.  I picked that one.  (As soon as I saw the word "Chipotle" I knew I'd be getting a bar.)



I warned Julia that it might be a little spicy, and she bravely tried a small piece.  I had a little piece, too, and yes, it was hot – but not overpoweringly so.  And the heat seemed, to me, to come more from the cinnamon at the finish.  It started out with a kind of smokey element (from the chipotle pepper) and then gradually the cinnamon slid in and took over. 


Julia didn't like it, but I thought it was pretty interesting.  Oh, and the caramel part, and the chocolate covering – yum.

We're saving the rest of it so Bill and Alex can sample them, too. 

And as far as the rest of it goes, I was SO glad to see strawberries today.  I've got the jam-making bug now, and I've got a few recipes I want to try out over the next couple of weeks, while the berries are in season.  I had a feeling the rhubarb would be there – The Honey Stick Man had some last week, too. 

Now, we've got both strawberries and rhubarb growing in our garden, but not in enough quantity for me to make into much of anything.  And besides, the strawberries don't last long enough anyway – we just keep eating them as they ripen.

Also today, while I was at the grocery store, I got two gallons of whole milk – I hope to make either mozzarella or ricotta or both at some point over the next few days.  And I will need to make bread today as well, since the last of it went last night in a grilled cheese sandwich for Bill.

So jam(s), cheese(s), bread…maybe pizza dough, too.  All that and working on the bedrooms, too.

In fact, that's what I really need to get started on now.

More #$%^&*^%$$# sanding!

5 thoughts on “Farmers’ Market Friday

  1. Hi Jayne-
    I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while, but don’t often comment. I just wanted to say how fun it is to see what you picked up at the farmers’ market. I’m excited to see how your jam turns out–please share the recipes! I’ve been making desserts with my strawberries. We’ve had ice cream, frozen yogurt, and cupcakes, but I would love to make some jam.
    Oh, and I love your cheese-making adventures. I’m a bit intimidated by making cheese, but I love to see what you come up with.

  2. Hi Allison!

    I’ll definitely post whatever jam recipe(s) I make.  I’m thinking a batch of strawberry-rhubarb and one just strawberry.  Possibly tonight, but if not, then definitely over this weekend.

    By the way – you can also make freezer jam if the prospect of canning is scary (which it was to me) – I made some very yummy mixed-berry freezer jams last summer and they were kind of a confidence-building step toward the whole canning process.  This year I’ve got canning on the brain – a ton of recipes already marked in one book, and other books to scan through too. 

    And try making some ricotta!!!  It’s the easiest cheese to make (in my opinion), and you’ll be so proud of yourself you’ll want to move right on to making mozzarella.  The New England Cheese Making Supply Company (not sure if the link will work – it’s sells beginner kits with all you need (except the milk) to make a lot of ricotta and mozzarella.  That’s how I jumped in.  I want to branch out and make other cheeses this year, too.

    So many projects, so little counter space!


  3. Awww this makes me want to go to a farmer’s market… @_@ I wonder if we could make it to one… I guess I would have to go alone… Everyone’s so busy on the weekends. : )


  4. I just love escaping into someone elses life.
    I like the new banner and where on this site is a pic of you?

  5. Glad you like the banner! 

    Um…a picture of me…I don’t think I’ve put up a picture of me in years.  I think it would make me self-conscious…I’m so hypercritical of me anyway – if I kept bumping into an image of myself, I think it would get on my nerves.  So I’ll include the occasional footprint or hand or something.  That’s about all I can deal with.  Sorry! 

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