I Be Jammin’

I know.

I'm so goofy.

But at least I know my kids will be properly embarrassed to be around me when they're a little older.  So I'm doing my job as a parent.

I know, also, that today is Tuesday, and I'm supposed to be baking with Dorie instead of doing anything else, but guess what, I'm going to be late with that this week.  More than anything else, it's because I forgot to put the ice cream cannister thingy in the freezer, so it's not cold enough to make ice cream with yet.

But rest assured I WILL be making this week's TwD recipe because it's Honey Peach Ice Cream, and I absolutely LOVE peach ice cream.  GOOD peach ice cream.  The kid that tastes of real, ripe, bite-of-summer peaches.  So look for that (fingers crossed) later this week.

Peach season doesn't actually occur til later on in the summer 'round here, but I don't want to wait that long, so I'll get some Southern peaches and make this ice cream.  But for now, go check out the Tuesdays with Dorie blogroll and check out how everyone else did.  MANY thanks to Tommi at Brown Interior for choosing this recipe!  I can't wait to make my own batch!

But today?  Besides a LEETLE bit of work in Julia's bedroom-to-be, I'll be in the kitchen making jam.  JamS, I should say.  Not sure how many or how much, but more than one recipe will be used, and I'll report back later to let you know how all that went.

First up?  The Rhubarb Ginger Jam I've had my eye on since I read the recipe last week.

I'll be back.

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